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Best Fortnite Controller Settings from Obey Upshall (PS4)

Wondering about the best Fortnite controller settings on PS4? Check out the ideal console Fortnite controller settings from Upshall, the console god, of the Obey Alliance.

Best Fortnite Controller Settings from Obey Upshall (PS4)
With a myriad of console controller settings and now the ability to choose custom key binds on console controllers, the skill gap between console and PC is getting smaller. If you want to play like your favorite Youtube and Twitch streamers, a good place to start is by mimicking their controller settings and adjusting them to your preference and style of gameplay. Below are the best Fortnite controller settings from Obey Upshall on PS4.


Mouse Sensitivity X – 0.06
Mouse Sensitivity Y – 0.06
Controller Sensitivity X – 0.60
Controller Sensitivity Y – 0.60
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity – 0.38
Mouse Scope Sensitivity – 0.37
Controller Targeting Sensitivity – 0.60
Controller Scope Sensitivity – 0.65
Controller Building Sensitivity – 1.34 (gradually rise to this level)
Invert View – Off

Control Options

Builder Pro: Build Immediately – On
Controller Edit Hold Time – 0.14

Build Controls

Best Fortnite Controller Settings from Obey Upshall (PS4)

Combat Controls

Best Fortnite Controller Settings from Obey Upshall (PS4)

[ Ghost Aydan | Nickmercs ]


While these settings will be optimal for some people, it’s important to remember that everyone’s playing style and preferences are different. Adjust these settings as you see fit and gradually raise your sensitivity to the desired levels. But with this, now you can have Fortnite controller settings like Upshall.

Have some controller setting tips of your own? Let us and our readers know in the comments below.

New Builder Pro Settings - Fortnite Controller Update is AMAZING
Best Fortnite Controller Settings from Obey Upshall (PS4)
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  1. Avatar photo

    The best settings ( I use these BTW) are: (PS4)

    Down Arrow=Map
    Left Arrow=Edit
    Right Arrow=Place Marker
    Up Arrow=Inventory
    Map Button for ps4 builder pro=Switch Mode
    Left Stick: Sprint
    Right Stick: Crouch
    Triangle=Toggle Pickaxe
    Square=Interact and Reload

    Left Stick=Stairs
    Right Stick=Cone

    Username: Lethal Happy

  2. Avatar photo

    It’s not bad but hard to get used to.

  3. Avatar photo

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    Epic Games Username : xd aidenr


    Playstation Network Username : Reydiculous


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