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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Review: Digging Up Dreams

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Review: Digging Up Dreams

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a paleontology simulator where you control an aspiring paleontologist starting their career. It has a touching story that reminds you of chasing childhood dreams mixed with paleontology. While the premise is great for aspiri...

7 Good
We Were Here Forever Review: A Triumph of Teamwork

We Were Here Forever Review: A Triumph of Teamwork (PC)

Building on the three titles that came before it, We Were Here Forever is an excellent co-op puzzle game that will test your abilities to communicate in ways that few games can. With an immersive atmosphere and some very original puzzle design, this ...

9 Amazing
Postal 4: No Regerts Review: Mundane Mayhem

Postal 4: No Regerts Review: Mundane Mayhem

Postal 4: No Regerts is in a rough state which makes it hard to review. Underneath the bugs and crashes it still doesn't look good. This game has little to offer gameplay and story. Stale jokes and failed edgy humour are abound and the repetitive mis...

2 Awful
Brigandine The Legend of Runersia Review (PC): A Long Conquest Story

Brigandine The Legend of Runersia Review: A Long Conquest Story (PC)

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia delivers a solid turn-based strategy experience that runs smoothly on the PC, testing your tactical prowess with empire management and army configurations. However, the game’s simple storylines and potentially long ...

8 Great
B.I.O.T.A. Review PC

B.I.O.T.A. Review: Retro Vibes (PC)

B.I.O.T.A. is a side-scrolling platformer that intentionally invokes the styling of prior generations. Everything from its story, atmosphere, art direction, to its gameplay is intrinsically tied to this retro feel. Let's see if it holds up, or if it'...

7 Good
Janitor Bleeds Review: Frightening Arcade Pursuit (PC)

JANITOR BLEEDS Review: Frightening Arcade Pursuit (PC)

JANITOR BLEEDS has good horror gameplay backed by a creepy atmosphere and a mysterious entity that hunts you down with precision and speed. Unfortunately, some graphical issues and a weak story weigh the game down heavily, and introduce more instance...

6 Fair

Elden Ring Review: The Flame of Ambition (PC)

FromSoftware's latest smash-hit, Elden Ring, is finally here. Bringing a classic formula to the realm of open-world, this game aims to revolutionize the Soulslike subgenre. Being one of the most hotly anticipated and talked about games in years, Elde...

9.5 Amazing
Total War Warhammer III Ogre Kingdoms Review

Total War: Warhammer III Ogre Kingdoms Review: Big Lads

Out now on PC comes the Ogre Kingdoms. The first DLC for Total War: Warhammer III. In this DLC you gain control of the ever-hungry Ogre Kingdoms. A band of nomadic and gluttonous ogres led by either Overtyrant Greasus Goldtooth or Maw Priest Skragg T...

7.9 Good
Forgive Me Father Review: A Descent into Madness

Forgive Me Father Review: A Descent into Madness

Getting to review Forgive me Father was a blast. A great mix of 2D and 3D elements along with shooting mechanics similar to Doom and Serious Sam make this game a charming and fast paced adventure through a Lovecraftian horror story. This nonstop bloo...

8 Great
Creature attacking buffalo herd.

Weird West Review: A Strange Adventure (PC)

Weird West is a third person RPG which is a great dark fantasy re-imagining of the Wild West with supernatural elements. Its fast-paced combat and in-game decision making stand out, but the story and repetition detract from an otherwise solid experie...

8 Great
Eggcelerate! Review A Trying Egg in This Time

Eggcelerate! Review: A Trying Egg in This Time

Can’t make an indie racing game without cracking a few eggs! But will Eggcelerate! be a broken egg on your front door, or a lovely omelette in the morning? While it was certainly let down by some less than stellar areas, it isn’t a lost cause. Hopefu...

4.5 Poor

Aztech Forgotten Gods Review: Battling Colossi and Bad Direction

From Mexican indie developer Lienzo, comes Aztech Forgotten Gods, telling the story of the dormant giants from the past that come back to the world to continue their conquest, and the bravery of a girl that is put in their way to stop them, with the ...

5.5 Average
Strange Horticulture Review: When A Green Thumb Is Not Enough

Strange Horticulture Review: When A Green Thumb Is Not Enough (PC)

Take your green thumb to a whole new level in Strange Horticulture. Find and catalog new plants, and use your ever growing collection to unravel Undermere’s dark mystery. But don’t forget to tend to your customers, however peculiar they may be. Will ...

8 Great
Total War Warhammer III Review

Total War: Warhammer III Review: An Epic Conclusion

Available now on PC is Total War: Warhammer III, a hybrid turn-based and real-time strategy game by Creative Assembly. Fight as one of seven playable factions in this epic conclusion to the Total: War Warhammer series. But is it any good? Read the re...

8.8 Great

Battle Cry of Freedom Review: Massive Multiplayer Civil War Chaos

Engage in brutal and massive battles as you fight for the soul of America! In Battle Cry of Freedom, up to 500 players can fight for Union or Confederacy with about any playstyle imaginable. Developer Flying Squirrel Entertainment sets the bar high f...

7.5 Good
The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack Review Cover

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack Review: Wedded Bliss (PC)

After a week's delay, The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories is here. Along with a brand-new world to host weddings in, there are new events, objects, and activities to make your Sims' day the best it can be, but does it allow your Sims to have their dream we...

7 Good

Chess Is Stupid Review: Checkmate

Available now on PC Chess Is Stupid! In this Indie 2D twin-stick shooter you must help an average Chess player who is sucked into their PC by a strange force to fight against giant killer Chess pieces! But is this a game of Kings? Or a load of Rook? ...

7.5 Good
Birds With Guns Review

Birds With Guns Review: Tweet Revenge!

Out now on PC and Pico8 comes Birds With Guns, a twin-stick rogue-like 2D shooter where you must fight through waves of baddies to save the stolen eggs from the evil Robofox! But is the game tweet or fowl? Find out in this review! Flapping onto PC co...

7.7 Good
KungFu Kickball Review With Bells and Whistles On PC

KungFu Kickball Review: With Bells and Whistles On (PC)

Hiyah! KungFu Kickball, the new fighting/sport game by WhaleFood, stands to test your skills against its many characters and your friends! But, how will it test in the arena of review!? Pretty well, actually. Solidly designed, and fun to play, KungFu...

7.7 Good

Tails of Iron Review: Redwall Meets Dark Souls (PC)

Tails of Iron, by Odd Bug Studio, is a 2-D souls-like from the perspective of a young rat king trying to rebuild his kingdom and fight off invaders. It’s also an absolute delight to play! With undeniable charm, an engaging story, fun game and a gorge...

9 Amazing
Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach PC Review Death By Glamour

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Review: Death by Glamour (PC)

After spending days in a security office, and years walking around the same pizzeria, you'd think that the extent of Five Nights at Freddy's had been exhausted. We've seen it all. The towering animatronics can't scare us anymore. Or can they? Five Ni...

8 Great
Exo One Review: An Interplanetary Search For Meaning

Exo One Review: An Interplanetary Search for Meaning

Take control of an alien spacecraft and journey through a variety of planets with their own geographical characteristics to reach an uncertain goal. Submerge yourself in this great visual experience with music and sound effects to match, albeit with ...

9 Amazing

Tunche Review: Rumble In The Jungle (PC)

Tunche is a multi-platform brawler that combines Beat’em-up mechanics with Rogue-Lite elements in a hand drawn adventure inspired by Peruvian myths and legends. But is the game itself legendary? Find out in this review! Developed by LEAP Game Studios...

8.5 Great
Myth of Empires Review Too Big to Succeed Cover

Myth of Empires Review: Too Big To Succeed

Myth of Empires is a survival-crafting MMO in which you must construct and maintain an empire, all while competing with other players. While it is a solidly absorbing experience, there are just a few flaws that keep it from being truly great. Myth o...

7.8 Good
Fights in Tight Spaces Review: Bare-Knuckle Tactics

Fights in Tight Spaces Review: Bare-Knuckle Tactics

Deal with multiple threats in very tight spaces using a hands-on approach to crime fighting in this game blending deck-building, turn-based tactics, and spectacular action moves. Make the most out of your surroundings to turn your enemies against ea...

8 Great

Arcadia Fallen Review: Something Wicked This Way Comes

When you usually pass your days as a humble shop assistant you don't really put a lot of thought into the world around you. Suddenly you're unwillingly bound to a spirit and running around your hometown sealing demons away. Before you know it, you're...

8 Great

Bright Memory: Infinite Review: Blasting Reality Aside

Gunplay, swordplay, and force pulls—what more could you want in an action first-person shooter? Bright Memory: Infinite is a passion project developed by a single person, promising cinematic thrills and phenomenal visual design. While the effort is c...

6.5 Fair

Demon Turf Review: To Love a Jump (PC)

Welcome to a world where platforming reigns! Demon Turf is an adventure with attitude, starring Beebz in her goal of taking down the Demon King and ruling over the domain. For those fond of the procedural jump and shoot method of travel, this is one ...

7.5 Good
This Land is My Land Review Cover

This Land Is My Land Review: An American West Sandbox

The fight for America has begun! In this survival adventure, players must take their place as a Native chief determined to protect his home and his people from the paleface invaders. After two years in early access, the full experience of living and ...

5 Average
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