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Jet Kave Adventure Review

Jet Kave Adventure Review: Cavemen and Dinosaurs and Aliens, Oh My! (PC)

Strap in for jetpacking platforming hijinks in Jet Kave Adventure. With nothing but his wits and his trusty club – well, and a super-powered jetpack – can you help Kave save his tribe from a mysterious alien and an impending volcanic eruption? Jet Ka...

6.8 Fair
Sunlight Review

Sunlight Review: The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Do you enjoy a quiet walk in the woods with only the companion of existential dread to keep you company? Have you ever actively thought about the presence of the skeleton inside your body? Do you like flowers? Then Sunlight is for you. From the maker...

8 Great
Plabby Quest: The Crusades: Wars Never Looked So Cute

Plebby Quest: The Crusades Review: War Never Looked So Cute

Lead your country to greatness as you harness your strengths in Plebby Quest: The Crusades. War rages, but which nation will stand on top? This strategy game pits you against medieval nations during the crusades to determine who can conquer the map. ...

7 Good
SuperMash Review The Classics Reborn (PC)

SuperMash Review: The Classics Reborn (PC)

Presenting SuperMash. The classics have gotten a facelift for 2021 in this medley inspired game. Create your own unique and randomized assortments in all your favourite genres, perfect for old and new gamers alike. I couldn't put this one down! Miss ...

9.5 Amazing
Orwell's Animal Farm Review: Porcine Politics (PC)

Orwell’s Animal Farm Review: Porcine Politics (PC)

All animals are equal! Are you sick of Napoleon and Snowball’s ideological quibbles? Could do any better? Relive Orwell’s farmyard fable as you try to keep everyone fed, attempt to fend off human attacks and, most importantly, keep the spirit of Anim...

7 Good
Desperados III Review PC

Desperados III Review: A Fistful of Gold (PC)

Dust off them saddles and check out this review for Desperados III on PC! A real-time tactics experience set in the Old West; the challenging gameplay will test even the fastest gunslingers. Despite its reliance on standard tropes, this game is dynam...

9.5 Amazing

Broken Lines Review: World War II Meets World War Z (PC)

Combining meaningful decisions with largely grounded tactical combat, Broken Lines hopes to pull the player into its world. With the ”The Dead and the Drunk” expansion recently released, we thought now is a good time to look at the title as a whole a...

8 Great
Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Less Breathtaking, More Disappointing (PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Less Breathtaking, More Disappointing (PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 is the most hyped-up game of the year, but does it reach the high bar that was set? CD Projekt Red has an excellent reputation due to the Witcher franchise, so diving into a sci-fi RPG that is a first-person experience is a risky move....

6 Fair
Millions of Minions: An Underground Adventure Review: Rooms For Improvement

Millions of Minions: An Underground Adventure Review: Rooms For Improvement

Millions of Minions is the latest in the super popular roguelite genre. Playing as a Sorcerer you try to escape the prison you have been trapped in. Possessing the power of summoning minions as projectiles you go deeper and deeper into the prison. Do...

4.5 Poor
WRC 9 Review King of Drift Cover

WRC 9 Review: King of Drift (PC)

The Big Daddy of rally games is packing an even bigger punch this year. WRC 9 returns with a stellar package, promising to give both, amateurs and seasoned drivers, a thorough challenge. But how difficult is it to master? The answer swings both way a...

8.7 Great
immortals fenyx rising review cove

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review: A “Homer” Run for Ubisoft (PC)

Ubisoft's latest open-world action game, Immortals Fenyx Rising, is a departure from their standard formula, taking influence from a wide breadth of games, including Nintendo's own Breath of the Wild. Come find out how it fares in this review. Immort...

8 Great
Airborne Kingdom Review Reaching Cloud Nine Cover

Airborne Kingdom Review: Reaching Cloud Nine

Airborne Kingdom is that one fantasy of yours that you never thought would come true. Flying cities, towns and entire kingdoms are now a reality, thanks to paddles and giant fans! Experience the joy of city building from popular tycoon games but with...

9.5 Amazing
Call of the Sea Review PC

Call of the Sea Review: Putting the Love in Lovecraft (PC)

Call of the Sea dares to ask a question no game has ever asked before - what if Cthulhu was third-wheeling in your relationship? This 1930s South Pacific adventure will have you exploring an ancient and mysterious island, diving into clever puzzles a...

8 Great

CONTROL Ultimate Edition Review: AWE Inspiring (PC)

Are you ready to take CONTROL? Remedy knocked it out of the park and then came back for more with some great additional contact in the Ultimate Edition of their award-winning game. Yes, friends, the hype is real – this is not a game you want to miss!...

9.5 Amazing

Android Hunter A Review: ‘Tis Bot A Scratch

Android Hunter A started as a love letter to Capcom's beloved Mega Man franchise and grew to become more ambitious than developer DigiPlox imagined. Does it meet the expectations it set out for itself? Will it be entertaining to fans of the Blue Bomb...

5 Average
Haven Review: A Little Slice of Paradise (PC)

Haven Review: A Little Slice of Paradise (PC)

Traverse a fragmented alien world as a lovestruck couple and hunt down answers to the mysteries surrounding you in Haven, new from the developers of FURI. As you explore the planet and follow this mature and honest portrayal of their romantic relatio...

9.2 Amazing
The Last Show of Mr. Chardish Review: The Art of Anguish

The Last Show of Mr. Chardish Review: The Art of Anguish

The Last Show of Mr. Chardish is an adventure title that portrays story beats in contained vignettes, with a variety of different gameplay styles aligning into one beautiful and tragic tale of obsession and struggle. However, a buggy presentation mig...

8 Great
I Am Your President Prologue Review Cover

I Am Your President: Prologue Review – It’s Time To Take Charge

I Am Your President puts you in the shoes of the president of the United States of America. As a newly elected leader of the country, it is your job to ensure that you can take all the right decisions to be successful. But are there only right choice...

8.5 Great
Sam & Max Save The World Review PC

Sam & Max Save The World Review: Return of the Kings (PC)

When the world is threatened by a sinister plot involving hypnosis, washed up child stars, and a self-help cult it falls to the dynamic duo of Sam & Max to save the day in the remastered Sam & Max Save The World! But the game any good? Read the revie...

8.5 Great
DeLight: The Journey Home review: War Never Changes (PC)

DeLight: The Journey Home Review: War Never Changes (PC)

A blind girl, a faithful dog and a harrowing journey across a country ravaged by war: the new episodic narrative game from DreamTree Games looks to pose some tough questions and lay bare some harsh realities about a land wracked with violence. In DeL...

7 Good
Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Review: Schools Out for Summer

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Review: Schools Out for Summer

Ever fancied playing a dating sim without all the lovey-dovey nonsense? Would you rather enjoy wacky scenarios and clever yet juvenile writing? If your answer was yes to any of these, then you should look no further than Monster Camp. The whole datin...

7 Good
Raji: An Ancient Epic Review: Journey Across a Beautiful Land (PC)

Raji: An Ancient Epic Review: Journey Across a Beautiful Land (PC)

Hot on the trail of the demons who kidnapped her little brother, brave Raji finds herself drawn into an adventure where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Can you help her and her divine patrons thwart the plans of the evil Mahabalasura in t...

8.6 Great
Strategic Mind Spectre of Communism - Stalin Needs a Makeover

Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism Review | Stalin Needs a Makeover

Beat back the Nazi dogs in Spectre of Communism, the latest addition to Strategic Mind, a list of turn-based strategy games by Starni Games. Lead the Russian forces through a historically accurate campaign in search of victory. Step up to the plate, ...

6.5 Fair

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review: A Demonic Tale (PC)

Supermassive's next installment in their scary anthology series Little Hope is a short but spooky tale. It's a step up from its previous title but still has yet to reach the level that Until Dawn set. With a cast of five characters to play from, co-o...

7.5 Good
ScourgeBringer review: Face The Ordeal (PC)

ScourgeBringer Review: Face The Ordeal (PC)

Take the future of Earth into your own hands and venture into the ScourgeBringer, a mysterious floating tower full of fast-paced hack-and-slash action and enigmatic secrets. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and not even death will stop you...

9 Amazing
superliminal review pc

Superliminal Review: Perspective is Everything (PC)

What do you get when you cross the mechanical structure and minimalist aesthetic of Portal with the self-conscious thematic drive of The Stanley Parable? You get Superliminal, an innovative and striking narrative experience, complete with mind-bendin...

8 Great
Pumpkin Jack Review: A Mission From the Devil.

Pumpkin Jack Review: A Mission From the Devil (PC)

Halloween is upon us which means only one thing: spooks abound. This review of Pumpkin Jack will introduce you to the evil pumpkin-headed spirit himself as you aid him in his mission to destroy a meddlesome wizard. Hold onto your scythes, light up th...

8.5 Great
The Red Lantern Review: Mushing Through The Snow PC

The Red Lantern Review: Mushing Through the Snow (PC)

Can you survive the harsh environments of Alaska? Face deadly predators and navigate over snowy terrain on the adventure of a lifetime. The Red Lantern is a new story-driven roguelite from Timberline Studios that will challenge players over the cours...

7.2 Good

Jetboard Joust Review: Sting of the Arcade Era

Ready to fly around and serve as your own bug spray? Jetboard Joust is a game thirty years in the making. Directly inspired by a game buried deep within the arcade era, it morphs the brutal difficulty of ye olden days into the modern roguelikes that ...

6.5 Fair
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