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Quake II Remaster Review - A Timeless '90s Relic COVER

Quake II Remaster Review – A Timeless ’90s Relic (Xbox Series X)

Quake II returns in 2023 and it's been updated to feel familiar and new at the same time. This remaster version is simply a love letter to those who love Quake II and is by far the best version to play for anyone who hasn't experienced Quake II durin...

10 Perfect
City Limits Review: Building a High Score (Xbox Series S)

City Limits Review: Building a High Score (Xbox X|S)

City Limits is an island-themed puzzle game designed for replayability. In short rounds, plan your island city in order to score high and avoid the thorns that are spreading. It features a beautiful soundtrack and oceanic visuals. It's your choice to...

7 Good
Diablo IV Review - A Time Sink Worth Investing (XBX)

Diablo IV Review – A Time Sink Worth Investing (XBX)

The latest installment of Diablo delivers both the quality and quantity experience for gamers. Whether it's the epic campaign or the addictive endgame, Diablo IV will easily keep players engaged until the morning light. It's the game that one shouldn...

8.5 Great
Hogwarts Legacy Review: Magic Or Muggle? (Xbox Series X)

Hogwarts Legacy Review: Magic Or Muggle? (Xbox Series X)

Many Potterheads are enchanted by Avalanche Software's recent release of Hogwarts Legacy. Set in the 1800’s to the backdrop of the Scottish highlands, there are aspects of Hogwarts Legacy that are captivatingly spell-binding. However, once the magic ...

6.5 Fair
BROK the InvestiGator Review An Unforgettable Punch-and-Click (Xbox Series S)

BROK the InvestiGator Review: An Unforgettable “Punch-and-Click” (Xbox Series S)

When brain meets brawn, fight past hoards of enemies and find clues to uncover the truth that hides under the lies of a dystopian society. Punch or solve your way through obstacles and experience a wonderfully handcrafted mystery adventure as you put...

9 Amazing

Wanted: Dead Review: For The Old School (Xbox Series X)

Wanted: Dead is a game truly for the old-school crowd. If you're a part of that, you'll really enjoy this game. If not, don't even bother. Its NES hard style will turn off many, but those who are able to handle a tough challenge will find a rewarding...

7 Good

Risk of Rain 2 Review: A Single Player Drizzle, a Multiplayer Monsoon (Xbox Series X)

For a game that was nominated for "Better with Friends" back in 2020, how does the single player experience hold up for this review? Grab your umbrella because the forecast calls for fast-paced combat, electrifying ukeleles, and a light drizzle in Ri...

8.5 Great

Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Review: Back To The Roots (Xbox Series X)

Siberian Mayhem is a short but great horde first-person shooter with intense fights and improved level design. It won't win over any Sam detractors, but if you love this style of shooter, it's a must-play. It's the best Serious Sam content in a long ...

8 Great
Overwatch 2 Review Redefining the Sequel

Overwatch 2 Review: Redefining the Sequel (XSX)

Overwatch 2 is a reinvigorated title full of potential, placing us back in the lovingly crafted universe we first met six years ago, now with all-new content and promised consistency. A free-to-play model brings a new approach, but just how far could...

8 Great
The Ascent - Cyber Heist DLC Review: A Delightful Massacre (Xbox Series X)

The Ascent – Cyber Heist DLC Review: A Delightful Massacre (Xbox Series X)

Some downloadable content made is for those who enjoyed the base campaign and still feel the need of wanting more. This short and thrilling expansion pushes the game's core combat system to its limits and it doesn't disappoint. There's also more to s...

8 Great

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Review: A Great Movie Game (Xbox Series X)

A story-rich point-and-click adventure game with great writing, great voice acting, and excellent replay value. All for a cheap price point that is well worth it. A movie tie-in that was so enjoyable I ended up watching the movie. Blade Runner: Enha...

8 Great
Life is Strange Remastered Collection Review - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Life is Strange Remastered Collection Review – A Trip Down Memory Lane (XSX)

Life is Strange Remastered Collection rewinds us back to a beautiful story set in Arcadia Bay, now with enhanced visuals, facial animations and much more. Experience the stories of Max, Chloe and Rachel with even more emotional depth than ever. Find ...

8 Great
Alan Wake Remastered Review Still A Masterpiece Xbox Series X cover

Alan Wake Remastered Review: Still A Masterpiece (XSX)

Alan Wake Remastered introduces a surreal and atmospheric story to a new generation, and provides a nostalgic retelling for veteran fans. Find out if the survival horror gameplay is still fun, and if the enhanced visuals are worth the price tag in th...

9 Amazing
Lake Review Don't Sleep on This Slice of Contentment cover Xbox Series X

Lake Review: Don’t Sleep on This Slice of Contentment (XSX)

Take a break and deliver mail in the beautiful town of Providence Oaks with Lake, an indie title from developer Gamious with a lot of cosy content—if you want there to be. Can Lake really satisfy that wholesome itch, or do technical flaws ruin the ex...

8.5 Great
Hindsight 2020 - Wrath of the Raakshasa Review Decisions, Decisions (XSX) cover

Hindsight 20/20 – Wrath of the Raakshasa Review: Decisions, Decisions (XSX)

Triple-I Games offers a morality tale for fans of decision-based gameplay in Hindsight 20/20: Wrath of the Raakshasa. The action-adventure also ties this moral choice to its combat system. Can the interesting design make up for some combat flaws? Mor...

7 Good
ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Review Stunningly Beautiful (XBX) Cover

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Review: Stunningly Beautiful (XBX)

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a visually gorgeous game with mesmerising gameplay. You'll be enthralled as you traverse this vast metroidvania, and discover a compelling story as you progress. With exciting and unique mechanics, and challeng...

8.8 Great
Outriders Review: Out of This World Fun! (Xbox Series S)

Outriders Review: Out of This World Fun! (Xbox Series S)

Set out on Enoch, the last bastion for the human race, in hopes of creating a better life for your fellow humans. As an Outrider, you are a specially selected team of soldiers who protect the inhabitants of Enoch from the dangers that await. Destroy ...

7.5 Good
Samurai Showdown Review A Cut Above Xbox Series X Cover

Samurai Shodown Review: A Cut Above (Xbox Series X)

Samurai Shodown slices its way into next-gen, bringing its unique take on defensive-based combat to the Xbox Series X. Promising up to 120 FPS and visual improvements over its 2019 release, this in-depth review goes into what works and what falls sho...

7.7 Good