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Fortnite: All Holo-Chest Locations

Holo-Chests have arrived on the Fortnite Island with the release of Fortnite v22.10, each containing an item of high rarity. For those who are yet to find these lucrative new containers, here in this guide you will learn exactly where to find them.

Fortnite All Holo-Chest Locations

The Fortnite v22.10 update has brought many new changes to the popular Battle Royale game, including the new Cobra DMR, updated locations, and new quests to unlock alternative styles for The Nothing’s Gift, a pickaxe belonging to Byte. However, one of the most notable changes is the arrival of the new Holo-Chests. Unsure about what Holo-Chests are and where to find them? Read on to find out.

Holo-Chests can now be found around the Fortnite island

Holo-Chests can now be found around the Fortnite island

What are Holo-Chests?

Holo-Chests are a new kind of Container added to Fortnite, and they operate much like chests in the sense that they contain items inside. However, unlike regular chests, Holo-Chests only contain one item (varying from epic, legendary, and exotic), and the exact item they hold is displayed above the chest as a hologram. Most Holo-Chests can be opened with a single key, but those containing exotic weapons will require two. Weapons are the most common kind of item that Holo-Chests contain. However, some can also hold a stack of Slurpfish providing players with quick healing on the go.

All Possible Holo-Chest Locations

Holo-Chest can usually spawn in groups of 4 and multiple sets can often be found in a single-named location, however individual sets can also be found in more secluded areas. Holo-Chests are scattered throughout the Fortnite island and are most commonly found in POIs and Gas Stations. Unlike the High and Low-Security Vaults, Holo-Chests are quite easy to locate but they do not spawn 100% of the time. However, if you have a key to spare then heading to these locations can provide you with an epic, legendary, or even exotic weapon. Once a player finds a key, Holo-Chests in their vicinity will be revealed to them. Below are the key areas that Holo-Chests can be located.

All current Holo-Chest locations

All possible Holo-Chest locations

Now that you have learned the locations of Fortnite‘s Holo-Chests, drop onto the island to open them before anyone else. Looking to further your progress in Fortnite‘s Battlepass, then check out the Fortnite Season 3 Chapter Weekly Quests Guides at KeenGamer.

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