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Best PS4 Fortnite Controller Settings from Nickmercs

Looking for Nickmercs settings for Fortnite? Check out the best Fortnite PS4 controller controls and sensitivities from Nickmercs. Take notes as Nickmercs settings may help up your game.

Best PS4 Fortnite Controller Settings from Nickmercs
Looking for Nickmercs’ settings? In a previous article, we covered the Best Fortnite Controller Settings from Obey Upshall. Interestingly, the King of Tilted Towers, Nickmercs, uses an even lower Fortnite sensitivity than Upshall. Epic Games offers players a variety of preset console controller settings and recently allowed the ability to choose custom keybinds on console controllers. While everyone has their own preferences, who better to learn from than Nickmercs, one of the best console Fortnite players in the world. Below are the best PS4 Fortnite controller settings from Nickmercs. If you want to dominate the game, try following Nickmercs’ Fortnite settings.

NICKMERCS Custom Controller Binds (PS4)


The below inputs show Nickmercs’ sensitivity settings. 

Mouse Sensitivity X – 0.28
Mouse Sensitivity Y – 0.2
Controller Sensitivity X – 0.70
Controller Sensitivity Y – 0.60
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity – 1.00
Mouse Scope Sensitivity – 1.00
Controller Targeting Sensitivity – 0.50
Controller Scope Sensitivity – 0.50
Controller Building Sensitivity – 1.25 (gradually rise to this level)
Invert View – Off


Builder Pro: Build Immediately – On
Controller Edit Hold Time – 0.12


Best PS4 Fortnite Controller Settings from Nickmercs


Best PS4 Fortnite Controller Settings from Nickmercs
It’s important to note that Nickmercs PS4 Fortnite settings use the SCUF controller, which is much more expensive than a normal PS4 controller. By using it, he gains two back paddles which he binds as additional Jump and Build binds. While these settings will be optimal for some people, it’s important to remember that everyone’s playing style and preferences are different. Adjust these settings as you see fit and gradually raise your sensitivity to the desired levels.

[Obey Upshall | Ghost Aydan]



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