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Fortnite Adds Tamable Raptors to Recently Introduced Wildlife

Fortnite ushered in a new era to its longstanding presence with the rollout of Chapter 2 Season 6 Primal. Featuring the wildlife as its overarching theme, the game introduced animals both wild and tame. Adding to the list is a critter so perilous, its very presence questions the players' position as the game's apex predator, all the while being potentially submissive.

Fortnite Adds Tamable Raptors to its Recently Introduced Wildlife

Fortnite’s “return in time” via the Primal chapter is bringing a fierce new creature, believed long extinct, back to life. One that can either be killed for crafting loots or be tamed as aid in combat.

Revolving around the wildlife motif, the game sees pernicious raptors suddenly wandering the battlefield. The idea of which should come off as no surprise considering the presence of massive eggs scattered around the map. But there’s also another clue that foretell the arrival of said dinosaur in-game—a cave painting depicting their primitive art.

Players who are keen in stocking up on essential crafting materials would opt to kill the deadly bird of prey. However, hostile the raptors may be to anyone in their sight, they also pose as stalwart allies. Taming them, therefore, could offer significant advantage against other players when employed in battle.

Fortnite Raptors Are Hatching Across the Island

Like their canine and porcus counterparts, making a raptor docile is as simple as wearing a Hunter’s Cloak and getting up close. Alternatively, throwing a food of their preference could help out in the overall process, too.

Not every wildlife in the island is dangerous, however. The existence of chickens and frogs prove that certain animals are simply gentle to be around, and that players maybe aren’t.

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