20 Vs 20 Mode Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale in New Update

Fortnite Battle Royale players have caught wind of a brand-new game mode that will hit the game in an upcoming update. The new mode will allow teams of 20 players to face off in the Battle Royale mode. This will be a special limited-time only event for players.

20 Vs. 20 Player Mode Coming Soon To Fortnite BR
Fortnite Battle Royale has been exploding in popularity lately thanks to multiple updates that include new items, customization pieces and of course new game modes. The most recently added mode allowed players to fight with legendary gold weapons only. The newest mode to be added however will focus on players fighting in teams of 20.

The New mode will reportedly allow 5 teams of 20 players to take each other on in the wildly popular Battle Royale mode. This information comes from the developer Epic Games by way of the in-game menus. The game only says the mode is coming soon and no actual release date has been given as of yet. Fans are hoping the new mode will be available with the upcoming update scheduled to release Thursday, Mar 8. The mode will be a special limited-time only event but will be an exciting addition even for a short time for avid players.

 Players are also clamoring for a chance to use the new jet-pack item that will be released in an upcoming update. Reports state the item may need to be refueled and will have a hover mode that uses less fuel. No further info has been given on this item's release as of yet.

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