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The Good Life Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods Review - A Reason to Return to Rainy Woods (PS4)

The Good Life: Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods DLC Review – A Reason to Return to Rainy Woods (PS4)

If you enjoyed the original adventure in The Good Life, a fun RPG by SWERY, you should consider getting the DLC, Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods, which adds 12 new side quests. But is it worth returning to Rainy Woods with photojournalist Naomi Hayw...

7 Good
Prodeus review: fast, frantic and damn good fun. cover.

Prodeus Review: Fast, Frantic and Damn Good Fun (PS4)

Prodeus is a fantastic game with a sharp visual style, fluid first person boomer shooter gameplay, an enjoyable campaign with a glorious soundtrack and naturally – blood. Lots of blood. Those who love Doom & Quake need to stop reading and buy thi...

9.5 Amazing
Little Witch Nobeta Cover

Little Witch Nobeta Review: The Cutest Souls-Like (PS4)

An interesting and cute Souls-like from developer Pupuya Games, that swaps out the zombies and hideous monsters for cute dolls and witches. It's an interesting and eclectic mix-up, not without faults, but definitely an adorably enjoyable time. If you...

7 Good
Euyiden Chronicle: Rising review: likable but an absolute slog. cover.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review: Likable but an Absolute Slog (PS4)

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising may have fantastic graphics, an excellent soundtrack & likable characters but this will only get you so far. The excellent presentation doesn't mask the game's structural problems, as while it has plenty of heart, it is ...

6 Fair

HITMAN Freelancer Review – Agent 47 At His Very Best (PS4)

Agent 47 is back in Hitman Freelancer with what may be his biggest and most ambitious adventure yet. The best part of all? You can choose your own weapons and tactics to take down targets, vigilante style. Here's how it all plays out. I was excited a...

9 Amazing
Persona 3 Portable Cover Image

Persona 3 Portable Review: The Wildest Card of All (PS4)

Persona 3 is now available on modern (and non-Sony) consoles for the very first time! This monumental RPG was the first Persona game to establish the template on which the series is now based. If you started the series with 5 (which based on its incr...

7.5 Good
Digimon Survive Review

Digimon Survive Review: A Trip Into a Grand Adventure (PS4)

A Grand Adventure, Digimon Survive is a visual novel with tactical role-playing elements developed by Hyde and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment as a great entry into the series of Digimon games, also reminding fans why the series is beloved. ...

8.5 Great
Chasing Static Review: Retro PS1 Horror with Style

Chasing Static Review: Retro PS1 Horror with Style (PS4)

Chasing Static explore the effects of a strange anomaly on a small Welsh Town, with an effective PS1 visual style and fantastic sound design. With a compelling mystery at its core, Chasing Static stands out amongst the genre of retro walking simulato...

7 Good

Terror Of Hemasaurus Review: Delightful Devastation (PS4)

Unleash your inner Kaiju in Terror Of Hemasaurus! This retro-styled smash-em-up is sure to satisfy your inner beast, so get ready to reduce humanity's carbon footprint by flattening cities to rubble and crushing civilians into dust. Have you ever dre...

8.5 Great
Sonic Frontiers Review: New Frontiers For the Franchise (PS4)

Sonic Frontiers Review: New Frontiers for the Franchise (PS4)

Sonic is back in action in this latest addition to the franchise. Sonic Frontiers promised to introduce a new format and this review for the PS4 version will take a look at its potential, where it hits but also what it misses and should this article ...

8 Great
Skate City Review PS4

Skate City Review: Kick, Flip, and Relax (PS4)

Skate City came to consoles last year, following it's success on the Apple Arcade. There is a soothing atmosphere in Skate City, with various real-world locations recreated in the unique art-style for you to skate. The controls are easy to pick-up to...

8 Great
Unusual Findings Review A Tubular Find (PS4)

Unusual Findings Review: A Tubular Find (PS4)

Unusual Findings is an 80s themed, point-and-click sci-fi adventure, with challenging puzzles and a visually pleasing pixel art-style. Funny dialogue and keen attention to detail make for an overall fun experience and should be a nice challenge for b...

7 Good
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review: A Journey of Healing and Letting Go (PS4)

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review: A Journey of Healing and Letting Go (PS4)

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an adventure about the internal struggles of troubled souls trying to let go of their pasts. Travel with Kena and little companions called Rots to assist these spirits and save an infected forest from devastation. Although ...

7 Good
Session: Skate Sim Review, A Skater's Perspective (PS4)

Session: Skate Sim Review – A Skater’s Perspective (PS4)

Instead of just another arcade based skateboarding game, the team at Crea-ture studio decided to take a step in another direction. Session: Skate Sim is the result of a team of talented skateboarders and developers sitting down together, determined t...

8.5 Great
Hitman 3 Review: Cold Blooded (PS4) Cover

Hitman 3 Review: Cold Blooded (PS4)

Agent 47 is back for one last ride in this epic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. Armed with an array of deadly weapons and a handful of creative ways to take out your targets, you must travel to six exotic locations to foil the plans...

9 Amazing
In My Shadow Review: A Lacking Platforming Puzzle (PS4)

In My Shadow Review: A Lacking Platforming Puzzle (PS4)

In My Shadow is a platforming, puzzle game built around controlling shadows, light, and perspective, and it delivered on gameplay; but it is not enough. The story, while sad and even relatable, is not engaging and the game is truly lacking in some ke...

5.5 Average

Pathologic 2 Review: Survival Horror at Its Most Challenging and Rewarding (PS4)

Pathologic 2 is survival horror at its most challenging and rewarding. A horror game which plagues you both literally and psychologically. It certainly isn’t for everyone but it is a testament to what games can be at their best. Story telling gold. W...

9 Amazing
The Good Life Review A Quirky RPG Adventure (PS4) Cover

The Good Life Review: A Quirky RPG Adventure (PS4)

This RPG life-sim adventure game might be barking mad, but it's got an intriguing story with unique gameplay. Investigate a mystery as a New York photojournalist in rural Britain, complete with eccentric characters and activities to keep you busy. If...

6 Fair
A Juggler's Tale Review A Game That'll Pull On Your Heart Strings (PS4) Cover

A Juggler’s Tale Review: A Game That’ll Pull On Your Heart Strings (PS4)

Join string puppet Abby on an adventure, where you'll help her escape to freedom, but it doesn't come that easily. Solve puzzles, overcome enemies, and help Abby to not let her strings - and whatever else the world throws at her - hold her back. The ...

8 Great

Tales of Arise Review: An Incredible Addition to the Tales Series (PS4)

The Tales RPG video game series has been going strong since its first installment in 1995, and Tales of Arise is no exception. Fans will find yet another great installment to the franchise that will satisfy die-hard fans and convert newcomers to the ...

8 Great
Psychonauts 2 Review Cover

Psychonauts 2 Review: A Mind-Bending Therapy Session (PS4)

In Psychonauts 2, Razputin Aquato, psychic spy in training, must venture into the minds of the most powerful psychics in the world to solve a mystery that might be much closer to home than anyone suspects. On this colorful journey into complicated ps...

8.5 Great
DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ Review PS4 Cover

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ Review: An Arcade Adventure (PS4)

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ is your basic arcade space game, but with some really cool boss designs. Whilst the difficulty feels exclusionary to more casual gamers, fans of the genre are likely to really enjoy this game, although it may not be ...

7.2 Good

Minute of Islands Review: A Sea of Emotion (PS4)

The world is slowly falling apart, and you are the only one who can protect it in Minute of Islands. With the weight of the world on your shoulders, you must sail across the ocean to save family, friends, and even yourself from harm. When I first sta...

7.6 Good
Where the Heart Leads Review A Story In Your Hands PS4 Cover

Where the Heart Leads Review: A Story In Your Hands

The power of decision-making is in your hands as you play through a man's life in Where the Heart Leads, a new surreal narrative game exclusive to PS4 (and also playable on PS5). What choices will you make, and where will they take you and Whit Ander...

7.5 Good
Chicory A Colorful Tale Review Art Attack PS4 cover

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Review: Art Attack (PS4)

The world is your oyster - or rather, your canvas - in the charming and expressive adventure, Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Paint the world in the colors of your choosing and solve the mystery of why the world has gone black-and-white! One of childhood&#...

8.5 Great
Ninja Gaiden Master Collection review ps4 cover image

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Review: A Slice of the Past (PS4)

The dormant juggernaut of video game heritage that is Ninja Gaiden makes its way onto modern hardware with this adrenaline-fueled collection featuring three critically acclaimed titles from the series. Ryu Hayabusa is back, but is the collection a ce...

7 Good
Ruinverse Review: Not Entirely Ruinous (PS4) Cover

Ruinverse Review: Not Entirely Ruinous (PS4)

Ruinverse is a 2D RPG with turn-based combat, and a strong story throughout. Learn more about the magical world the characters reside in, and progress through several unique chapters. Whilst the story is strong, the gameplay falls a bit short, and so...

7.7 Good
Sanity of Morris Review: No Scares, No Good (PS4)

Sanity of Morris Review: No Scares, No Good (PS4)

Although Sanity of Morris may have some interesting ideas for plot and gameplay mechanics, it fails to execute any of its concepts. Throughout its three levels, the game fails to keep an atmosphere of suspense or provide any consistent scares, to the...

3 Bad

Bladed Fury Review: A Blade Missing Its Hilt (PS4)

If you've ever wanted to play through a Chinese fable, Bladed Fury is your chance to do just that. Full of inventive gameplay, stunning artistic design and daunting bosses, Bladed Fury finally arrived on PS4, but was it worth the wait? Hack and Sl...

6 Fair
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