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When The Past Was Around Review: A Bittersweet Triumph (PS4)

When The Past Was Around Review: A Bittersweet Triumph (PS4)

When the Past was Around is a point and click puzzle game that succeeds in getting the player emotionally invested in its bittersweet tale of love and loss. Eda's tale of grief for a lost partner is wonderfully told in a way that affects you, but doe...

9 Amazing
Assassins creed valhalla review ps4 main

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review: Axe Body Slay (PS4)

Assassins Creed Valhalla is another step in the right direction for the franchise. It manages to keep all the aspects that make an Assassin's Creed game enjoyable without all the overplayed story points. But it does have a large amount of bugs which ...

8.2 Great
Unto the End Review: Scenic and Brutal (PS4)

Unto the End Review: Scenic and Brutal (PS4)

Unto the End is an atmospheric 2D action-adventure game perfect for those looking for a challenge. Its art, combat system, and environmental storytelling really showcase the love and care put into this game. However, its greatest virtues also make it...

8.5 Great
Speed 3 Grand Prix Review: Disappointing Destruction (PS4)

Speed 3 Grand Prix Review: Disappointing Destruction (PS4)

While Speed 3: Grand Prix does bring a new take on the racing genre to the table, it fails to deliver an interesting gameplay experience, or much variety in its content. Although some of its visual design and soundtrack are solid, these points can't ...

5 Average
Sayonara Wild Hearts Review: An Interactive Album (PS4)

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review: An Interactive Album (PS4)

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a simplistic trip through an album wrapped up in a visually pleasing package. Reminiscent of Bit Trip Runner, with more emphasis on the endless running rather than the platforming. However, does it do enough to set itself apar...

7.5 Good
YesterMorrow Review: Tedious Time Travelling (PS4)

YesterMorrow Review: Tedious Time Travelling (PS4)

YesterMorrow is the tale of Yui, who must go back and forth between her past and present to try and change the course of history, using her abilities to tackle a number of challenges of beautiful but boring puzzles and challenges. YesterMorrow feels ...

6 Fair
Fuser Review Party All Night Long PS4

Fuser Review: Party All Night Long (PS4)

Climb to the top of the charts and become the world's greatest DJ in Fuser, the newest title from Harmonix. With over a hundred licensed songs included with the game and more on the way, Fuser gives players a creative toolset that allows them to expe...

8.4 Great
Yakuza: Like A Dragon Review: A Dragon's Quest (PS4) Cover

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Review: A Dragon’s Quest (PS4)

With all the new changes to the standard Yakuza formula, has the latest installment still managed to capture the hearts of diehard fans? Like A Dragon is Ryu Ga Gotoku's most ambitious game yet, but how does it stack up with the rest of the series? T...

8 Great
A Tale of Paper Review: Small Package, Big Emotions (PS4)

A Tale of Paper Review: Small Package, Big Emotions (PS4)

A Tale of Paper is a short game that deals in powerful emotions; during its couple of hours, it takes the player on a journey where you'll go from panicked platforming to staring wistfully at a sunset in a matter of minutes. With a beautifully crafte...

8 Great
Tennis World Tour 2 Review: A Swing and a Miss PS4

Tennis World Tour 2 Review: A Swing and a Miss (PS4)

Get ready to hit the court and climb up the competitive ladder to become one of the greatest tennis players of all time. While Tennis World Tour 2 could provide deep and rewarding gameplay, its passable controls hinder the player's enjoyment and turn...

3 Bad
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Review (PS4)

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Review | A Triumphant Return (PS4)

After decades of mediocrity, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is finally here. A true sequel to the original Naughty Dog classics, can Crash Bandicoot 4 prove that this franchise can survive in the modern era? Or is it yet another disappointing bor...

8.5 Great
9th Dawn III Review - Nostalgic And New (PS4)

9th Dawn III Review: Nostalgic and New (PS4)

9th Dawn III takes the player across the huge landscape of RPGs; this game is inspired by classics like the Ultima series, as well as modern masterpieces like The Witcher 3. In merging some of the best features the genre has to offer, 9th Dawn III is...

7.8 Good
Spellbreak review ps4 cover

Spellbreak Review: A Refreshing Take on Battle Royale (PS4)

Released by developer Proletariat in September 2020, Spellbreak is a new Battle Royale multiplayer experience which allows players to conjure spells and channel the elements in order to defeat enemies. Although Spellbreak has its rough edges and is s...

6.5 Fair
13 sentinels: aegis rim review: the art of non-linear storytelling

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review: The Art of Non-Linear Storytelling

Masquerading as a simple visual novel hides one of the most groundbreaking stories 2020 has to offer. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim may not be the upcoming open-world action title we're all waiting patiently for, but it certainly deserves a spot on your li...

8 Great
marvels avengers review ps4 cover

Marvel’s Avengers Review: Super Heroes In Need Of A Savior (PS4)

Originally revealed in early 2017, Marvel's Avengers was showcased right on time. The Avengers films were the hottest topic on the lips of all of society. Fans hoped that Crystal Dynamics could deliver an experience that mirrors the success of the fi...

5.5 Average
Mortal Shell Review: Delightfully Dark and Difficult (PS4) Cover

Mortal Shell Review: Delightfully Dark and Difficult (PS4)

Cold Symmetry's Mortal Shell is a love letter to Dark Souls fans. This deep-action RPG sets you in a world with beasts and bosses to vanquish, along with a dark world to discover. Although exciting in its own ways--through difficult encounters and un...

7.5 Good
Destroy All Humans review - An imperfect nostalgia invasion - Title image

Destroy All Humans Review: An Imperfect Nostalgia Invasion (PS4)

The Destroy All Humans franchise has a strong cult following, but does this remake have anything to offer modern gamers? While fun and saturated in periodic sarcasm, this remake can't escape the pitfalls of the original, laying bare the frayed edges ...

6.5 Fair
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review: Takeshi's Battle Royale (PS4) Cover

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review: Takeshi’s Battle Royale (PS4)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is sweeping the globe with its popularity, but is it any good? With a ridiculous number of players trying to play the game on launch, Fall Guys seems to be the next big multiplayer game, but does it have staying power? Wi...

8.5 Great
We Should Talk Review PS4 Cover Image

We Should Talk Review: It’s All In How You Say It (PS4)

It's all fun and games while you're out at the bar until your girlfriend says, "We should talk". Experience flirty attention from strangers and running into your ex all the while trying to traverse a deep conversation with your girlfriend via text. W...

7.5 Good
Ghost of Tsushima Review: Beautiful, Bold, and Bloody Cover

Ghost of Tsushima Review: Beautiful, Bold, and Bloody

Sucker Punch has created arguably the most beautiful game to have ever been made. Ghost of Tsushima is an excellent imagining of the 13th Century Mongol invasion of Japan, showing the sheer brutality of the Mongols, and the plight of the Samurai. Usi...

8.5 Great
F1 2020 Review: A Superb Simulation

F1 2020 Review: A Superb Simulation (PS4)

Formula 1 is back with F1 2020, the latest game in Codemasters' annual franchise. Each game has seen steady improvements over a number of years, but does F1 2020 keep with the current trend? Whilst there are some issues, Codemasters have gone above a...

8 Great
A hunter walks around a lake in Hunting Simulator 2.

Hunting Simulator 2 Review: An Enjoyably Flawed Hunting Experience (PS4)

While Hunting Simulator 2 is ultimately an enjoyable and fun hunting simulation, the game is flawed in several ways that hold it back from being considered great. It improves upon its predecessor to become a better simulation overall, but certain cho...

7 Good
Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 Review: A Brutally Heartfelt Masterpiece

The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived after years of waiting, and it was well worth the wait. Naughty Dog stepped up its game by delivering a game that sets the bar high for any single-player driven adventure. The studio has a reputation, and it continue...

10 Perfect

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling Review – Big Adventures for Tiny Characters (PS4)

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is a new indie title advertised as a direct inspiration from the earlier titles in the Paper Mario franchise, but does it hold up on its own or is a lesser copy of the muse? Check out our review to find out! After...

8.6 Great
Maneater review - Repetitive underwater fun (PS4) - title image

Maneater Review: Repetitive Underwater Fun (PS4)

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, Tripwire Interactive drops Maneater. Play as one of the Ocean's deadliest predators in this unique RPG that manages to deliver on its inherently entertaining premise, while also falling prey to re...

8 Great

Ion Fury Review: A Positively Charged Ride of Retro Raucousness (PS4)

Following on from her 2016 debut, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison hits the big time with Ion Fury; the latest first-person shooter from 3D Realms - creators of the infamous Duke Nukem franchise. Ion Fury is a celebration of old-school, first-person shoot...

8 Great
Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York review: heading image

Vampire The Masquerade – Coteries Of New York Review: Bitingly Good! (PS4)

Ready yourself for a dark storybook adventure that welcomes us to the world of Vampiric society in our Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York review. Survive and thrive in a world where Vampires wield their influence in the darkest corners of...

7.5 Good
Axel and Blaze Fighting

Streets of Rage 4 Review: The Legendary Franchise Is Back (PS4)

Despite have a hefty 26 year gap between Streets of Rage 3 and Streets of Rage 4, the franchise has thankfully not missed a step. It's a familiar, safe, cocktail of furious on-screen fighting, blood-pumping dance beats and enchanting visuals. WhoR...

8.5 Great
Sephiroth Staring

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: A Great Remake, But Not Perfect

A remake 23 years in the making. It helped to make Final Fantasy one of the most instantly-recognizable franchises in the world. In many respects, this stunning game does things even better than anticipated, but a few mis-steps along the way cause it...

8 Great
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