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Fortnite quietly adds new Harpoon Gun

Fortnite players have been met with a pleasant surprise in a new weapon that will help them defeat their fellow islanders: a harpoon gun! Along with aiding in battle, it's got some extra quirks you won't want to miss.

Fortnite quietly adds new Harpoon Gun

As a part of the v11.10 update without any official patch notes, the harpoon gun has been an unexpected joy for players throughout the Fortnite community. Without any word from Epic Games regarding the specifics of the weapon, players have taken it upon themselves to work out its capabilities and put together their own unofficial patch notes

In battle, the harpoon gun serves two purposes. One is that a hit from the gun deals 75 player damage, 150 damage to structures, takes 1.4 seconds to reload and has a maximum of 10 uses. The second and most notable trait is that the gun draws an afflicted player closer to the wielder, leaving them vulnerable for heavy amounts of follow-up damage. 

new achievement – GET OVER HEREE [mortal kombat style] from FortNiteBR

Harpoon gun experimentation hasn’t stopped there, however. Turns out the new Fortnite weapon is even capable of drawing in loot from a distance, making it perfect if you’re trying to shave off precious seconds when finding loot early in a match. Then, arguably the best part of this addition entirely, when aiming the harpoon gun directly at a body of water in a match, you can even reel in fish! We’re certainly hooked now. 

You can fish with Harpoon Gun from FortNiteBR

According to the unofficial path notes, Fortnite’s harpoon gun can be found in chests, in loot drops and as floor loot.

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