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Fortnite: NICKMERCS Almost Goes to Jail (Airplane Story)

NICKMERCS almost goes to jail after a heated altercation with another passenger on an airplane. Infamously known as the "Airplane Story" on his stream, NICKMERCS tells the full true story on his stream with SypherPK

Fortnite: NICKMERCS Almost Goes to Jail (Airplane Story)
Fortnite fans of streamer NICKMERCS have all seen the king of Tilted Towers rage on stream more than a few times. He is a character, a troll when he plays with TimTheTatMan, and one of the best console players in the world. On top of that, he is a fitness freak with muscles most men would envy. If all the best Fortnite streamers were to do a real battle royale, there is no doubt that NICKMERCS would be the last one standing. Knowing that, he is one of the last people you would want to anger.  However, on one unfortunate plane ride, a fellow passenger did the unthinkable and almost sent himself to the hospital and NICKMERCS to a jail cell. See the full video below with an accompanying story transcription.

NICKMERCS Tells SypherPK How he Almost went to Jail

There are some places you can go where you just can't fight; you can't yell at anybody. There are places on earth where you can't act like that; you can't act like a goon. An airport or an airplane are some of those places. You can’t get crazy.
Last night [me and my girl] are flying home. We’re boarding. I’m Zone 1 boarding. I’m supposed to board first. But me and my girlfriend have the dog with us. It’s an emotional support dog, so I wait and I let everyone get on first. I get in there and I see 4D and 4A, so we’re each on a window seat. But I didn’t book it that way. I booked 4D and 4C. 
Fortnite: NICKMERCS Almost Goes to Jail (Airplane Story)
We got the dog, so we gotta sit next to each other. We get to where we’re sitting and on my left there’s this old lady. And on the right, there’s this young dude, like 20 or 30s, like me. The flight attendant comes up and I go “hey so I booked 4D and 4C, so I don’t know what happened.” 

And she goes “ok, ok,” and she gets down on her knee and she looks at the old lady, and the old lady is like sleeping man. She’s old, and she’s tired you know. So, the dude’s got an obligation at this point to be like “yeah I’ll switch you know.” That’s what he should say. Any normal f***ing human would say that. So the attendant gets on her knee and goes like “Hey sir, they have an emotional support animal and they booked 4D and 4C and I don’t know what happened. But would you be so kind to change the seats?” 

And he goes “No. I’m all set here.” And when he said that, I got a cold chill up my spine. 

So the flight attendant goes “So, you won’t change the seats?” 

And he goes “No. This is my seat. I’m all set right here.” 

So, at this point, I lean in and I go “Hey homie. We got the dog man and we booked the seats. You can’t sit like five seats to the left over here by the old lady?” 

He goes “Nah man, I don’t wanna sit in the window. I wanna sit aisle.”

…It’s F#@$#ing first class. You got an abundance of room regardless if you sit window or you sit aisle. So, I’m losing my mind over here. My girlfriend goes “please, please, please. Don’t [make a scene].” 

The flight attendant goes “can you just sit and we’ll take off and then I’m gonna fix it.” 
I say “are you gonna try to fix it or are you gonna fix it?” 

She goes “no, no I’m gonna fix it.” And when she said that, it was definitive. 

So I’m like “alright.” And listen to this next part, I have never been more mad. I could’ve killed him. I’m gonna say this on the stream. I literally could have killed him. My girlfriend, she’s got the dog and the lady’s sleeping, so she can’t get over the old lady to get into the seat. So I gotta do this James Bond move to get over her into my seat. 

~If all the best Fortnite streamers were to do a real battle royale, there is no doubt that NICKMERCS would be the last one standing~

Then my girlfriend has to sit next to that guy. This dude is smiling and he sits back down. I’m leaning over and I’m looking at him and looking at her. She sits in the window seat next to Joey(our dog). And he goes “ah, man. What a cute dog.” And pats him on the head and he goes “How old is he?” and…I’m…even now I’m emotionally upset that I let this go. Because I think this guy needs an a** whooping and somebody’s gotta do it. 

I lean over the old lady. Because my girlfriend, bless her heart, she starts answering, “oh this is Joey. He’s eight.” 

I go, “HEY! HEY! DON’T f***ing talk to him.” Then, I look at the guy and I go “HEY! Look at me. IF you say one more word to her, I swear to god you and me, we’re not getting off this plane.” 

And he goes “…whaat?” 

I go “If you say another word to her, me and you we’re gonna,” and I’m screaming at him. I go “You keep your mouth f***ing shut. You hear me?”

And the old lady, she wakes up and she’s got my arm and she’s saying “Please. Please. It’s ok.” 

The flight attendant comes over and goes, “What the hell is going on?”

I’m telling this guy if he opens up his mouth again, I’m gonna f***ing end him. And he literally just opens his iPad and didn’t make a move. Just sits still, doesn’t say a word.

Fortnite: NICKMERCS Almost Goes to Jail (Airplane Story)
My girlfriend’s texting me “Please stop. Please stop.” At that point, I literally made a decision in my mind: if this guy says another word to my girlfriend, I’m getting up off the chair. I’m dragging him off the plane and I’m gonna punch him until his head pops. I was so mad. I lost it. I literally lost it. Who does that? Who smiles and says no, then sits down next to my girl and pets the dog. Are you losing your mind? What world does he live in? I got chills. I was shaking. I couldn’t even drink. 

The woman goes “what would you like to drink?” 

I go “I don’t want anything. Give me some peanuts to chew on before I lose my mind.”

The flight attendant goes “listen, you can’t act like this on a plane. I know you’re mad and I feel bad for you. But…”

I go, “you think I got on the plane and wanted to act like this? You think I packed my sh*t and went hey let’s go start a fight on terminal 6? You think that’s what I wanted to do?”

I can’t believe that happened to me.  

~I have never been more mad. I could’ve killed him. I’m gonna say this on the stream. I literally could have killed him~

One thing is for sure: next time you're on a flight with NICKMERCS, give him your seat. Have any airplane horror stories of your own? Let us and our readers know in the comments below. 


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Man, this guy sounds like an entitled baby. Why does he think that guy should give up a seat for him? Nick sounds like he’s lucky he wasn’t arrested for verbal assault by threat.

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