New Fortnite Update Adds New Grenade Plus Cosmetic Refunds

Fortnite Battle Royale is still at the top of the charts and it's many updates are the primary reason. Players can now start using new weapons in both game modes. They can also receive refunds for some items in-game with this new update among other changes.

New Fortnite Update Brings Weapons And Refunds For Players!

Fortnite Battle Royale is a juggernaut in the multiplayer gaming world thanks in part to the many updates and additions made to the game. The most recent update brings more weapons and welcomed changes for players. The first new addition is the Clinger grenade weapon.

This is a sticky bomb weapon now available to players during matches. They can stick to any surface or player and blow seconds afterwards. These explosives can't be detonated in air but has been added to both game modes. The grenade comers from chests at a lower spawn rate than other weapons also.

The other new weapon is an addition only to the save the world mode. It's known as the Noble Launcher and fires a beam of energy after powering up. Energy ammo is now more abundant in the world in this mode thanks to the update.

Other changes to the game include the ability to refund V-bucks for cosmetic items the player does not want. Players can refund 3 times for the entire time they own the account they use in game. Items that can be refunded include back blings, emotes, gliders and a few others.

The game also kept the 50 vs. 50 game mode with this new update. Other changes focused on increasing the damage output of the mini-gun while the sniper and crossbow weapons received improved hit registration.  These quality of life changes and new weapons/game options for players will continue to make Fortnite Battle Royale a smash-hit for years to come.

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