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5 of the Best Landmark Locations in Fortnite for Chests

Fortnite's map is filled with numerous Landmark locations. Our guide tells you about some of the best landmark locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. The best Landmark locations are great spots to stock up on guns and other gear at.

 5 of the Best Landmark Locations in Fortnite for Chests Cover

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 map includes 19 named locations where a lot of the action takes place during matches. Those are, after all, the biggest locations on the game’s map that include the most chests and loot for players to pick up. It’s not surprising that a lot of players head to the named locations to stock up on gear because of it.

However, there are also numerous Landmark locations scattered across Fortnite’s map that vary in scale. You can usually expect to find at least one chest at a Landmark, but some of them include up to seven or eight chests (and maybe even more) for players to crack open. These are some of the best Landmark locations in Fortnite for opening chests and stocking up on loot.

1. Coral Cove

Coral Cove is a small village in the northwest portion of the map that’s based on something like a peninsula. At first glance, this might not seem that promising a loot spot, but when you get hacking, you’ll discover a good number of chests here. Hacking away some of the huts and shacks will reveal a few treasure chests to open. You can open more chests around the seashell building at the south of the Cove, and there’s another one on Cove’s small western island. Aside from treasure chests, this is a good spot for fishing. There’s also a boat there you can hop on when needed.

The Coral Cove Landmark

The Coral Cove Landmark

2. Weather Station

The Weather Station is a Landmark situated high up Mount Kay within the map grid reference G7. Weather Station is the primary Landmark of Mount Kay that includes satellites, solar panels, antennas, and a helicopter launchpad. This Landmark primarily consists of two buildings that include numerous treasure chests. There are also a few chests you can open outside the buildings.

There’s also a helicopter at the Weather Station. When you’re done opening chests at the Weather Station, you can fly that helicopter to any of the other Landmarks mentioned here! However, there are also a few other nearby Landmarks at Mount Kay you can quickly walk to and open yet more chests at.

The Weather Station Landmark

The Weather Station Landmark

3. Camp Cod

Camp Cod is a Landmark that encompasses a bit more of the map than Salty Springs. Thus, this southern island in G8 looks like the biggest Landmark in Fortnite. Camp Cod includes numerous objects from the Chapter 1 map, but its treasure chests are the main attraction.

Fortnite: Camp Cod Location

It consists of three building blocks on its southern, eastern, and western coasts that are packed with chests. The southern building there alone includes quite a few chests, but a couple of them are hidden away in a secret basement. However, most of the chests here are easy to find; and you won’t usually run into too many players at Camp Cod either.

Camp Cod on the map

Camp Cod on the map

4. Orchard

Orchard is an apple farm that’s almost directly north of Frenzy Farm in grid reference F3. This is another of the more expansive Landmarks in Fortnite, which includes the Farmers Market, a large barn, and a farmhouse. You can open numerous chests at those buildings. You can also find a few more chests under and around the apple trees. Most of the chests here are easy to spot, so you can grab plenty of loot here.

The Orchard Landmark

The Orchard Landmark

5. Fort Crumpet

Fort Crumpet is situated a little to the west of Sweaty Sands within grid reference A3. This is an abandoned fort filled with cannons and, of course, treasure chests! The fort is well stocked with chests on its higher and lower levels. There are several chests in Fort Crumpet. There are also a couple more chests at the nearby beach just south of the fort.

Another good thing about this Landmark is its proximity to Coral Cove. The Cove is another of the best Landmark locations in Fortnite that’s just north of Fort Crumpet. You can probably walk there in a little less than a minute from Crumpet to crack open even more treasure chests!

Coral Cove and Fort Crumpet on the map

Coral Cove and Fort Crumpet on the map

Those are some of the best Landmark locations in Fortnite that include an abundance of chests. They’re great alternatives to the named locations to stock up loot at.

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