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Best Xbox One Fortnite Controller Settings from Gronky

Looking for Gronky's Fortnite Settings? Want to know the best Fortnite controller settings on Xbox One? Check out best Xbox One Fortnite controller settings from Gronky and up your game!
Best Xbox One Fortnite Controller Settings from Gronky

Best Xbox One Fortnite Controller Settings from Gronky

Now it’s time to show Xbox One Fortnite: Battle Royale players some love with the best Xbox One Fortnite controller settings from Gronky, one of the best Xbox One Fornite players in the world. If you want to play like the best, you’ve got to learn from the best. A good place to start is by mimicking your favorite player’s controller settings and adjusting them to your preference and style of play. Below are the best Fortnite controller settings from Gronky on Xbox One.
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Gronky Best Fortnite Xbox One Controller Settings


Controller Sensitivity X – 0.65
Controller Sensitivity Y  – 0.60
Controller Targeting Sensitivity – 0.43
Controller Scope Sensitivity – 0.40
Controller Building Sensitivity – 1.78 (gradually rise to this level)
Invert View  – Off


Edit Mode Aim Assist  – Off
Turbo Building – On
Controller Edit Hold Time – 0.12 (for Gronky, editing is instant with his controller binds)
Builder Pro: Build Immediately  – On


Best Xbox One Fortnite Controller Settings from Gronky

Edit Controls

Best Xbox One Fortnite Controller Settings from Gronky


Best Xbox One Fortnite Controller Settings from Gronky
Please note: Gronky uses these bindings because he has an Xbox One Elite Controller. 
While these settings will be optimal for him, it’s important to note that everyone’s playing style and preferences are different and the Elite Controller is out of most players’ budgets. Adjust these settings as you see fit and gradually raise your sensitivity to the desired levels.

Have some controller setting tips of your own? Let us and our readers know in the comments below.

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I use y as my edits. Can you check out my channel? Its bmx Shawn


Honestly please do innocents and wolfiez


is that a wired controlloer or wired controller??


Thank you for this informations, i will try it tell ya the results.



Same thing as “ace” I’m using an elite controller and it makes my jump button have to be the same through out all phases, such as building combat and edit. It changes it for all of them automatically


I have tried so many times to set up this controller like this and it will not let me put jump to the right d-pad in combat and A in build screen.


he uses an Xbox Elite controller not a SCUF Controller


I’m going home to use this I need to be faster with editing but I didn’t know where to put my buttons now I do but will change the jump cos obviously that’s definitely difficult without a elite controller


Nice but just thought I’d point out that he doesn’t use a SCUF controller, but rather an Elite controller.



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