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Fortnite: Everything New in Fortnitemares 2022

Fortnitemares 2022 is finally here, bringing all-new Halloween-themed content into Fortnite. Players can now find the Howler Claws to unlock new abilities, and can even acquire the Pumpkin Launcher. Head to the Reality Tree to dance with the undead, or rush to Grim Gables to fight the new boss in this spooky-themed update.

Fortnite Everything New In Fortnitemares 2022

Fortnite is finally embracing the spooky season with the return of Fortnitemares. This new event brings a whole host of new content for all players to enjoy. From all-new map changes and zombie wildlife to the return of the pumpkin launcher, here is everything new in Fortnitemares 2022.

Map Changes

The new Fortnitemares update have brought many new changes to the Fortnite island. Not only has the map received a Halloween makeover, but some of the existing locations have been altered by the Chrome, such as Sleepy Sound which is now Shiny Sound. Other locations have seen a more drastic change too, such as the Reality Tree, which now features a party full of the dancing undead. 

New locations have been added to Fortnite for Fortnitemares

New locations have been added to Fortnite for Fortnitemares

Players can also head to Willows Haunt, which is a fairly secluded cabin located far west of the island. This location might not look all too different, but if players head here they can find hostile zombie NPCs to battle and potentially secure some decent loot. Whilst these zombies are exclusive to this area, zombie chickens also roam around the Fortnite island looking to sink their beaks into any player who gets too close to them.

Unvaulted Items

The Pumpkin Launcher is back, meaning that players can now fire rocket-propelled pumpkins at their opponents with this Halloween-themed RPG. This weapon is a fan-favorite among the community and was first introduced back in Chapter 1 to celebrate Halloween. Candy has also made a return, coming back in the form of a variety of different consumable items that restore player’s shield and health, whilst also bestowing a range of different effects.

The Pumpkin Launcher and Candy has returned to Fortnite

The Pumpkin Launcher and Candy has returned to Fortnite

New Mythic Items

Two new Mythic items have been introduced into the game, the first being the Howler Claws. Players can obtain the Howler Claws by heading to various Alteration Altars -located at Reality Tree and other key locations- and performing the Ritual Emote. Equipping this item will bestow players with canine abilities:

  • Wolfscent Ability: Offers players tracking vision that reveals players within the player’s vicinity (Players who are nearby will hear a heartbeat that will warn them of players with the ability active)
  • Slash Ability: A four-combo melee attack that deals devastating damage
  • Air Slash Ability: An attack performed via double-jumping that deals damage upon landing
The Howler Claws can reveal nearby players to the user

The Howler Claws can reveal nearby players to the user

The second Mythic item is the Inkquistor’s Suppressed SMG which can be obtained after defeating the Inkquistor NPC boss at Grim Gables. Among dropping this new Mythic Submachine Gun upon elimination, the Inkquistor will also drop Slurp Splashes and a Pumpkin Launcher. Be cautious, for enemy players might just be lurking to sabotage your attempt at gaining these items.

Zero Build Horde Rush

Horde Rush is back, only this time players cannot build to evade the wrath of the Cube Monsters. In Zero Build Horde Rush, players will have to battle waves of enemies to rack up scores to compete with other players. This PvE game mode features stages, where players will progress to other areas of the map while battling enemies, and concludes with a large-scale boss fight. 

Zero Build Horde Rush is an LTM added into Fortnite

Zero Build Horde Rush is an LTM added to Fortnite

Updated Vault Locations

Some of the Vault locations have been altered once again with the release of Fortnitemares. Here are the updated Vault locations:

  • The Driftwood Vault: The Driftwood is no longer near Flutter Barn and can instead be found west of Greasy Grove
  • No Sweat Insurance Vault: The No Sweat Insurance Building has moved from Chrome Crossroads to Shiny Sound
  • The Flairship: The Fairship has moved from Grim Gables and can now be found above Tilted Towers
Fortnitemares updated Vault locations

Fortnitemares updated Vault locations

Make sure to keep up to date with the ever-moving locations of the Vaults with the Vaults Locations Guide here at KeenGamer.

Free Cosmetic Items

Players can obtain three new cosmetic rewards for completing the Fortnitemares Quests. Two Fortnitemares Quests will be made available daily until the end of the event. Players can unlock the following rewards:

  • Everything’s End Glider (upon completing 5 quests)
  • Chrome Cage Back Bling (Upon completing 13 quests)
  • Unmaker Pickaxe (Upon completing 25 quests)
Fortnitemares brings new free cosmetics into Fortnite

Fortnitemares brings new free cosmetics into Fortnite


Other additions included with the Fortnitemares event include the following:

  • Major bug fixes
  • Custom Diagonals Keyboard Movement setting
  • Removal of Grapple Gloves
  • New Halloween-themed store cosmetics (Including Rick and Morty & Evil Dead crossover skins)
  • New Halloween-themed Creative Islands
Fortnitemares 2022 Gameplay Trailer

Now that you have learned about everything new in Fornitemares, jump in and take on zombie NPCs and Wolf-crazed players.  What do you think about this year’s Fortnitemares event? Does it top last year’s spooky season? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.

SOURCE: Epic Games 

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