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Fortnite Chapter 2: 5 Essential Beginner’s Tips

We've compiled five essential Fortnite beginner's tips to help fledgling Fortniters find their feet on the battlefield, because jumping into Fornite can be daunting for any beginner learning how the game's various systems work. Level up quick, and do it with confidence with this handy guide.

Fortnite Chapter 2: 5 Essential Beginner's Tips

Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now, ruling over the Battle Royale genre, becoming a sport in its own right. It’s available on every platform, from your phone to a supped-up gaming PC. I only recently started playing, and there’s a lot to learn, from where best to land, to the best weapons to use. I’ve gleaned five essential Fortnite chapter 2 beginner’s tips, for those making their first tentative steps in this great shooter, that will help you survive on the battlefield.

5. Land At Crackshot’s Cabin 

Crackshot's Cabin in Fortnite chapter 2 is a trove of useful items

Crackshot’s Cabin in Fortnite chapter 2 is a trove of useful items.

The map of chapter 2 is a good size, but there is one location I’ve found to be immediately helpful upon landing. Before leaving the bus, set a marker for the Agency building (centre of the map). Crackshot’s Cabin is a large house, utterly isolated so it’s easy to spot. If you’re lucky enough to land unbothered by pesky players, enter the house and you’ll be rewarded with three gold chest, brimming with useful items and weapons. As a bonus, venture to the left side of the house and you’ll see a small stone wall where another chest is hidden. So too with the right side, hidden in a thicket of bushes.

4. Complete Your Punchcard

Level up every day with the help of the medal punchcard

Level up every day with the help of the medal punchcard.

If you enter the map while playing, you’ll see ten empty slots to your right. This is your punchcard, and it’s going to help you get lots of lovely XP, without all the grinding. Fortnite rewards you for completing certain tasks, like opening chests or killing a specific number of rival players. The game will track these goals, based on the Olympic medal system of bronze, silver and gold.  This mechanic is perfect for beginners because You earn tens of thousands in XP by completing the card, which renews every 24 hours. Great for those looking to level up quick!

3. Don’t Ignore Your Daily Challenges

Daily challenges can net you minimum 31,000 XP for completing simple tasks.

Daily challenges can net you minimum 31,000 XP for completing simple tasks.

Like the punchcard, daily challenges are an easy way to snap up a tone of XP, while getting that satisfying feeling of seeing tasks ticked off the challenge list. These challenges will require doing specific tasks (some harder than others) which will offer up typically around 31,000 to 50,000 XP. This isn’t to say that this is the only rewards on offer. Some challenges offer new emotes and other customisable items. If you are just starting off in Fortnite, this beginner’s tip is invaluable. 

2. Assault Rifles Are Your Friend

Keep an eye out for an assault rifle of any colour grade

Keep an eye out for an assault rifle of any colour grade.

Fortnite has a small arsenal of weapons, but the ones you’ll use most are shotguns, pistols and more importantly assault rifles. Shotguns and pistols have their place but are only useful at close range, a dangerous position to be in if fairly matched. The best overall weapon in the game is the assault rile (not the burst variant) because it can be used from close, mid and long-range with deadly precision. Weapons are graded by colour, from the light grey to legendary gold. Raid agency building to find legendary weaponry, often found in longer loot chests that require a disguise to unlock. Find a phone box (located in and around all agency buildings) and enter to gain a disguise. 

1. Raid Agency Bases 

Agency bases are rife with goodies if you're brave enough to take on its elite goons.

Agency bases are rife with goodies if you’re brave enough to take on its elite goons.

Speaking of Agency building, make these your first port of call for the best weapons in the game. These James Bond themed locations include a yacht, oil rig, secret island base, and the central agency building at the centre of the map. Most of these locations are at the very extremities of the world map, so don’t waste time. As with any Battle Royale, the available landmass will gradually shrink, making these places no-go zones, after the first five minutes of the match. Patrolling these areas are the new unlockable character skins for chapter 2, season 2. They have unique weapons on them, plus keycards that open a vault brimming with item chests and the XP that comes with opening them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 | Launch Trailer

Putting these Fortnite beginner’s tips won’t cost you a penny, as it’s free on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. A mobile version is also available on Android and IOS. 

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