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9 Fortnite Tips for Squad Matches

This guide provides numerous Fortnite tips for squad matches with 25 or 33 teams. Are your teams generally falling by the wayside a little too early in Fortnite matches? If so, check out some of the tips directly below for Fortnite team matches.

9 Fortnite Tips for Squad Matches

Fortnite is one of the hottest battle royale games for Windows, consoles, and mobile devices. Fortnite squad matches, which include teams of four or three, are a slightly different ball game to solo matches. You’ve got little chance of winning a squad match on your own (but it’s not impossible). So, effective team play can make all the difference in squad matches. Here some Fortnite tips for squad matches that will give you a better chance of winning more of them.

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1. Pick up the Chug Splash

Although not the best healing item in terms of health regeneration, the Chug Splash is still the best healing consumable for Fortnite team matches. The great thing about the Chug Splash is that you can toss it at your teammates to heal them as well as yourself. Six of these can potentially restore 480 health in squads. Therefore, this is an ideal item to have handy when you can see that one of your teammates really needs a health boost after a dogfight or revival.

Note: The Chug Splash has seemingly been vaulted in season six, but it might still return in future seasons. In its absence, check out the Chug Cannon, which you can snap up from Slurp Jonesy at Slurpy Swamp for 600 gold.

Slurp Jonesy

Slurp Jonesy

2. Ping healing items for teammates who need them

When you have full health and shield, be prepared to ping Medkits and potions you spot on the map instead of picking them up. Doing so will give teammates who don’t have maximum health and shield a chance to pick up the pinged Medkits and potions to max out their health and/or shield. You can ping items by pressing the middle mouse button with your target over them.

A pinged medkit

A pinged Medkit

3. Don’t forget to remove reboot cards from hostiles

When you’ve knocked down a hostile, remember to remove their Reboot Cards when they’re on their knees before blasting them away. Doing so will ensure their teammates have no chance of reviving them at Reboot Vans with their Reboot Cards. To remove a Reboot Card, walk up to a knocked down hostile and press the E key.

A Reboot Card expiry timer

A Reboot Card expiry timer

4. Alert your teammates to hostiles you spot

When you’ve spotted a hostile in the distance, alert your teammates. You can do so by moving your target over the enemy and double-clicking the middle mouse button. That will highlight the position of the foe for your teammates. Hopefully, some of your teammates will then form up on you to provide support.

Pinged hostiles

Pinged hostiles

5. Build around knocked down teammates

When a teammate gets knocked down in a frantic dogfight, try building some walls around him. Doing so will provide some cover for you, or a nearby teammate, to revive the knocked-down player. That can buy you enough time to revive somebody so long as you have another teammate available to keep the hostiles busy. However, enemies might close in on you if you’re the only player in your team still standing.

6. Open flank fire on hostiles

When you see some of your teammates shooting at hostile, try to move to a slightly different position along the sides of the target from which you can open flank fire. Shooting at the same targets from a different direction to your teammates can often kill off foes. A single enemy can’t fire in two directions at once, and flanking will split the focus of multiple foes between the directions they’re being fired from.

7. Avoid confrontations when you’re on your own

When all your teammates have been killed off, and you can’t revive them, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over in a squad match. It will be somewhat harder for you to win it without support, but remember that there are probably some other players in the same boat and most remaining teams will have likely had losses.

A player in action against NPC hostiles

A player in action against NPC hostiles

Under such circumstances, your best chance of surviving lies in avoiding needless confrontations as much as you can so don’t get swamped by a team of three or four players. To do so, distance yourself from any nearby gunfire you hear; and don’t open fire on any distant hostiles you see that probably won’t notice you. Don’t, whatever you do, start shooting at NPC (non-player controlled) hostiles unless you really must do so. Doing so will merely give up your position on the map, deplete your health, and expend ammunition.

If you can survive to the very end when there’s only one enemy team remaining, you might find yourself up against two players in the same squad. Then again, there might also be three of four players on the same team for you to take care of! You’ll have some chance against a duo, but defeating a team of three or four players will be very tricky. At any rate, securing a second-place finish in a squad match without any support in its latter stages is still something to be proud of.

8. Form up on bounty targets in your team

Fortnite now includes bounty contracts, which are similar to those in Call of Duty: Warzone. Thus, you or your teammates can become bounty targets. When a player on your team is a bounty target, an enemy squad could well be closing in on his position pretty sharpish. So, form up on bounty-targeted teammates to protect them from a potential enemy onslaught.

Fortnite Battle Royale - Gameplay Trailer (Play Free Now!)

9. Try to land reasonably close to your teammates

Teams must stick together. Try to land reasonably close to at least some of your squad. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to land at exactly the same location, but at least drop reasonably close so that you can link up with them quickly. If you’re a long way from your teammates during the early game, you can’t expect any kind of help when a team of three of four players closes in on you. Furthermore, your teammates might also be too far away to pick up your Reboot Card!

Highlight the location you plan to land at on the map when a match is starting. Hopefully, your teammates will fall toward the same spot (or approximate area). If they don’t, however, be prepared to change course to make sure you land reasonably close to at least one teammate.

A player falling from the Battle Bus

A player falling from the Battle Bus

Sticking to those Fortnite tips for squad matches will enhance your teams’ chances of survival. Just remember that you’ve got to play as a team to win as a team in Fortnite squad matches.

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