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Here’s How Much You’ve Probably Spent On Fortnite

A recent survey carried out by student loan company, Lendedu, has analyzed the spending habits of Fortnite players. The average figures across the board are surprisingly high as the global phenomenon continues to tug at the purse strings of players of all ages. Just how much have you spent?

Here's How Much You’ve Probably Spent On Fortnite

It's no secret that Epic Games made the smart calculation to introduce a Battle Royale mode to their game, Fortnite for free. Since its original unveiling, the viral growth of players has seen incredible financial growth for the development team. March of this year alone has earned them a whopping $200 million. 

Many of us may opt never to spend a penny on Fortnite and of course, this would have no impact on match by match performance due to Fortnite’s cosmetics-only rule when monetising the game with V-Bucks. According to the survey, 688 of 1000 Fortnite players admitted to having spent money to acquire V-Bucks. In an otherwise free to play title, that’s an incredibly successful conversion rate for Epic’s monetisation scheme. The amount spent per purchaser has averaged out to $84.67. That means just 688 of the hundreds of thousands of buying Fortnite players out there have already made Epic $52,000! 

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Here's How Much You’ve Probably Spent On Fortnite - Fortnite infographic

While there are plenty of other successful free to play titles out there, it appears Fortnite comes out pretty strong among them when it comes to convincing players to part with money. 36.78% of Fortnite players have decided to part with money on a free to play game for the first time. A worrisome 20% of paying players did not know their expenditure would not offer any kind of in game advantage. 

While this is just researched evidence from a tiny portion of the total Fortnite player base, it does go to show just how much people are prepared to spend on cosmetic items (even if some of them are not aware that cosmetic is all they are). It also puts the amount of money Epic are raking in into perspective. You can check out the full survey for yourself over at Lendedu where many more details are examined.

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    I have used 315 euros on the game and im bot proud of ny self


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