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Big Org Members Grab Wins in Season 5 NA-East FNCS

The top three winners of Season 5's NA-E FNCS include big-name esports org members from Luminosity, G2, NRG, and FaZe. Members of the Fortnite trios were mixed and matched when it came to membership, but the teams' cohesion means each member will be bringing revenue back to their respective org.

Big Org Members Grab Wins in Season 5 NA-East FNCS Cover

Luminosity, G2, NRG, and FaZe all had members winning in top-three-placement at Season 5’s North American East FNCS. Taking the first prize of $150,000 was the team comprised of Luminosity’s Slackes, One Percent’s Acornski, and G2’s Jahq. In second place for $105,000 were Commandment, FaZe Cented, and NRG’s Edgey. And in third for $69,000, G2’s MackWood was teamed with Built by Gamers’ Bucketloads and Khanasty. 

In July 2020, Luminosity’s Fortnite team broke off to form One Percent, which Acornski joined in November. Following this, Luminosity signed five new Fortnite players, including Slackes. Built by Gamers was founded not much earlier than One Percent, in September of 2019. FaZe ranks as the oldest of the orgs, having been founded in 2010, with the rest having started around 2015.

The winning team only narrowly won, besting second place by four total points. In the West, NRG’s EpikWhale and 100Thieves’ Rehx and Arkhram won as a trio for the second year straight, scoring one point less than our NA East winner, but nearly fifty more than NA West’s second place trio.

Fortnite Champion Series C2 S5 Final 2 - NAE/NAW (EN)

With Season 5’s FNCS won, starting March 16th, Epic Games will be holding a tournament for US and Canadian college students, and a similar tournament for high schoolers starting a day later.

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