6 of the Best Fortnite Landing Spots

A good landing spot can get you off to a good start in Fortnite matches. If you’re not sure where to land in Fortnite, this is the guide for you! Our guide tells you about some of the best Fortnite landing spots on the Chapter 2 map.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

A previous article told you about some of the best landing spots on Fortnite’s season 10 map. However, that Chapter 1 map disappeared into a blackhole! To fill the void, Epic released a new Chapter 2 map. A whole new map meant a whole new ball game for Fortnite: Battle Royale players. So, players have found new favorite landing spots to start matches at on the Chapter 2 map.

A decent landing spot will provide a good amount of gear you can quickly pick up soon after landing. Furthermore, most players probably prefer to land at lower risk spots where they won’t usually encounter much, if any, early competition. These are some of the best Fortnite landing spots for the Chapter 2 map.

1. Weeping Woods Building

Weeping Woods is one of the more expansive named locations that’s less urbanized than others on the map. Thus, there are actually fewer buildings and chests in Weeping Woods than most other named locations on the map. That makes it an altogether safer bet to land at than most other big locations in Fortnite.

To be a bit more specific, I recommend landing at the relatively small wooden building in northern Weeping Woods. That building includes a chest on its chimney that you can land on to immediately pick up gear. When you go inside the building, you can open another chest on its second floor. The building also includes a secret basement that you can go in by opening the bookshelf in the snapshot below with the E key. You can open a third chest within the basement.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The bookshelf basement entrance

If three chests aren’t enough, you can open a fourth one outside that’s just west of the building. Furthermore, there’s a high wooden tower just south of the wooden building that includes two more chests at the top of it. So, there are six treasure chests you can open within this landing area. The map below shows you the location of both the wooden building landing spot and tower with the chests.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The Weeping Woods landing spot

2. Island West of Craggy Cliffs

At the top of the map, there’s an island just west of Craggy Cliffs, which is circled on the map shown below. Hardly anybody (except me of course) ever lands there, as there doesn’t really appear to be much on this island. However, it includes two wooden buildings and three chests to get started with, which is good for solo play.

Two of the chests are in the wooden buildings and one is easy to find outside. You’ll need to hack away at the flooring of the island’s western building to get to its chest. When you’re done, you can hop in the boat on the island to ride into the river just south of it.



There are even two nearby beach shacks that are just to the west of the island on the other side of the water. Both include two more treasure chests that you can open. So, you can safely luck into five chests soon after landing at this northern outpost on the map.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The north island and beach shacks

3. Camp Cod

Camp Cod is a big landmarked location that’s within the red circle shown on the map in the snapshot directly below. In fact, this is probably among the biggest landmark spots on the map with numerous buildings and more than enough ground loot and chests for a squad. Camp Cod is usually a very safe landing spot as it’s off the beaten track. It’s a good spot for fishing, too, when you’ve got time.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The Camp Cod landing spot

The only drawback to landing here is that it can leave you a long way outside the safe zone. Furthermore, there aren’t any boats at Camp Cod. So, you might not always have that much time to stock up on gear before you have to get moving.

4. Sweaty Sands

Unofficial chest counts have highlighted that Sweaty Sands has more chests than any other named location on Fortnite’s map. So, in terms of number of chests, Sweaty Sands is probably the best Fortnite landing spot. It’s one of the smaller named spots on the map that’s packed full of chests and ground loot.

However, the allure of chests also makes Sweaty Sands the riskiest landing spot of those included here. You can usually expect to encounter a bit of early competition at SS. I recommend landing there when it’s some distance off the flight path, which usually ensures fewer players land there. It’s also a good landing spot for squads when you can count on some team support if it gets a little rough. Try landing on top of the high hotel building, which you can move down and open numerous chests as you go.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

Sweaty Sands

5. Crash Site

If you see quite a lot of players falling toward Sweaty Sands, you can divert yourself toward the Crash Site landmark. Crash Site is an island just north of Sweaty Sands that includes a plane wreckage. Aside from that, Crash Site includes four treasure chests you can open after landing. Three of them are easy to find, and one is a little more hidden within the plane’s cockpit. The best thing is that few players choose to land there with SS just below it.

After opening the chests there, swim to the beach directly east of that island. That beach includes a couple more treasure chests which are easy to find. Furthermore, there are also two boats which you can ride down the nearby river opening that will take you to the Agency. The eastern beach and the Crash Site landing spot are within the red circle on the map shown directly below.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The Crash Site landing spot

6. Southern Beach Building

In the far south of Fortnite’s map, there’s a relatively small beach with a fishing pier and a couple of wooden buildings alongside it (at grid reference E8). This somewhat obscure landing spot actually includes up to eight chests to crack open! Yep, you heard right, that’s a hell of a lot of loot, and few players ever choose to land here. When you’re aware of where all its chests are, you’ll love this landing spot.

I recommend landing at the wooden building that overlooks the beach’s pier, which is within the red circle on the map in the snapshot directly below. There’s one chest under that hut, and there’s another chest hidden behind a wall in the room on the higher floor of that building. You’ll need to do a bit of hacking with your pickaxe to find it. Outside that building, you’ll easily spot a third chest on a pipe sculpture that you can reach by building some stairs. Proceed down to the wooden pier where there’s another chest. Then move to the red crate on the eastern side of the beach that includes yet another chest stuffed behind some boxes in shallow water.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The southern beach landing spot

If that’s not enough, you can move up a slope on the eastern side of the beach to go to a larger wooden building that includes three more chests. If you prefer, you can land at that larger building first and then go to the beach’s smaller building and pier.

Another good thing about this landing spot is that there’s a boat at its fishing pier. The boat will come in handy when you’re some way from the safe zone. The beach’s pier is also a good spot for fishing.

6 of the best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2

The fishing pier

Those map locations are among the best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 2. You can pick up plenty of gear to get started with, and most of them, except perhaps Sweaty Sands, are also usually very safe to land at. So, you won’t usually be falling into war zones.

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