6 Hirable Characters in Fortnite Chapter 2

This game guide tells you where you can find the hirable characters in Fortnite. Do you want a handy NPC sidekick to support you during your Fortnite battle royale matches? If so, check out these NPC characters who are available for hire in that game.

6 Hirable Characters in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite currently includes 46 NPC (non-player controlled) characters in season six. You can buy items from many of those characters. However, you can only hire six of them with your gold. When you hire an NPC character, it will move around the map with you and shoot at hostiles. If you want handy sidekicks for your matches, check out these hirable characters in Fortnite.

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1. Lara Croft

Yes, Fortnite includes the sexy Ms. Croft, of Tomb Raider fame, to enlist on your side. You can find Lara within the jungle of Stealthy Stronghold. Head for the approximate center of Stealthy Stronghold to find her. Aside from hiring Ms. Croft, you can also snap up a Grappler Bow from her.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft

2. Deadfire

Deadfire is a sharp-shooting sheriff with an undead magical touch who patrols the plains. His Fortnite bio says this, “Prove yourself as a gunslinger and he’ll be your ally for (after)life.” You can find him at the Sheriff’s Office point of interest within the E4 map grid reference, which is nothing more than a campsite in season six.

3. Power Chord

Power Chord is a guitar-shredding rebel who hangs out at the Apres Ski Landmark. You can find that Landmark within the map coordinates E8. When you find Power Chord, you can hire her or snap up a Shadow Tracker gun.

The Apres Ski Landmark

The Apres Ski Landmark

4. Cluck

Do you want a dopey chicken fella to help you out in Fortnite? If so, head to the Primal Pond Landmark at map grid reference E6. There you’ll find Cluck ready and to be of service to you. As Primal Pond is also pretty close to the Sheriff’s Office, you can also find Deadfire quickly after hiring Cluck.

5. Stage Slayer

Just to the east of Craggy Cliffs, you’ll find Stage Slayer. This is a rock-and-roll NPC character who loves loud music. So, it’s not surprising he hangs out at the FN Radio station Landmark at map coordinates F2.

This NPC character also sells Animal Bones for 10 gold. Animal Bones are a crafting resource with which you can craft guns of the Primal variety. If you want to craft something like a Primal Rifle or Primal Bow, Slayer has the crafting materials for you.

6. Crustina

The Crustina hirable character in Fortnite is a tomatohead who serves up pizza at the Pizza Pit. The Pizza Pit Landmark lies just opposite the Orchard within the map grid reference F3.

Crustina and a player disguised as a barrel prop

Crustina and a player disguised as a barrel prop

Crustina is also one of the few NPC characters who sell prop disguises. A prop disguise enables you to disguise yourself as a prop item. You can utilize those props to spring surprises on enemies!

Those are the hirable characters in Fortnite you can recruit to fight alongside you. Admittedly, NPC characters aren’t that good. However, they’ll still watch your back and provide a bit more firepower nonetheless.

The Fortnite Interactive Map page also shows you where those hirable characters are on the map. Note that those locations for the hirable characters in Fortnite are for the season six map. Those characters may or may not be available for hire at the same locations in future seasons.

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