New Fortnite Update Brings New Weapon And Game Patches

Fortnite Battle Royale continues it's popularity streak with an all new update to the game. This update brings in an all-new missile launcher plus the return of the boogie bomb. The patch also adds in a new questline for the game. Multiple patches were made for stability to the game as well.

New Fortnite Update Brings A New Launcher Plus The Return Of The Boogie Bomb!

Fortnite Battle Royale has been getting even more popular recently. With different events such as professional player Ninja streaming the game with Drake and racking up millions of concurrent viewers on Twitch it's clear the game is becoming even bigger of a hit than other Battle Royale games like PUBG. The most recent 3.4 update adds even more to the game to enrich the experience for it's players.

The update adds in the guided missile launcher weapon which allows players to remotely control their rocket to accurately strike at their enemies. The rocket does move a bit slower than normal rockets and the player cannot move while firing the weapon however. Also added back in is the boogie bomb which is now patched since causing an inventory bug for players.

The event Sniper Shootout has returned with the addition of the crossbow and hunting rifle and without the revolver. Players will now be instantly eliminated rather than downed when shot. This mode will only be available for a short time to players.  

The other larger part of the update added in a new Easter themed questline to the Save The World mode known as The Three Husketeers. Other small fixes include overall performance fixes and removing the energy requirement for sprinting during gameplay. Fortnite is poised to continue it's domination of the online multiplayer world with these types of new updates and add-ons. 

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