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6 Fortnite Beginners Tips For Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is a new ball game. This guide includes 6 handy Fortnite beginners tips for Chapter 2 Season 3. A lot of the game’s map has disappeared under the sea, and there are numerous new gameplay features in Season 3, so it can be daunting.

6 Fortnite Tips for Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite’s Season 3 update has changed the game in many ways. The flooding of Fortnite’s map has introduced numerous new locations and drowned out others. Season 3 also includes new gameplay features and items for players to pick up. To make the most of the new features, check out these Fortnite beginners tips for Chapter 2 Season 3.

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1. Capture Fireflies

The Firefly Jar is among the new Fortnite items players can pick up in Season 3. Those are new explosive items that set wooden structures ablaze. To pick up a Firefly Jar, you’ll need to scoop a firefly on the map. First, find a firefly on the map, shown in the shot below, and press the ‘E’ key to scoop it into jar.

Fortnite's fireflies

Fortnite’s fireflies

Then you’ll have your Firefly Jar. You can toss it at wooden buildings to set them ablaze, so this weapon that can come in handy for burning buildings that hostiles are in. It might not always eliminate players, but hostiles will often lose some energy within burning buildings.

If you can’t find a firefly, head to the Orchard at grid reference F3. Fireflies often spawn under the trees there. You might also find some around the lake on the western side of Lazy Lake.

2. Go jet skiing with a shark

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 includes sharks that make Jaws look like a bit of a pussycat. Those sharks certainly bite, and they even jump out of the water, so some players might prefer to steer clear of them.

However, sharks can also come in handy. You can go jet skiing with sharks to get around the map! To do so, pick up a fishing rod, and then toss its bait toward a shark in the sea. When the shark takes the bait, you’ll get a pair of jet skis. Then you can control the shark to ride across the sea with your jet skis. This is even faster than riding a boat in Fortnite.

3. Eat cabbage and corn at Frenzy Farm

There are new foraged items for players to gobble up in Fortnite’s Season 3. Cabbage and corn are two of the new foods you can eat to regenerate health or increase shield. A cabbage will give you a +10 health or shield boost, while corn will regenerate +5 health. You can press the ‘E’ key to eat those foods when you need to boost your health.

The best place to find those foraged items is Frenzy Farm and the Orchard. Frenzy Farm includes numerous cabbages and corn growing in its fields. So, that’s a good location to replenish your health at when you don’t have any medic kits.

Corn at Frenzy Farm

Corn at Frenzy Farm

4. Gather multiple foraged items

Aside from just eating foraged items, you can now gather and store multiple foodstuff within single inventory slots from Season 3 onward. You can pick up 15 foods for one inventory slot by pressing the ‘F’ keyboard key. With 15 cabbages, you can replenish +150 health or maximize your shield. Thus, it’s worth heading to Frenzy Farm to gather some cabbages even if you don’t need health replenishment.

5. Steer clear of the Marauders

Most players will probably be familiar with faction henchmen from earlier Fortnite seasons. However, Marauders are entirely new armed foes in Season 3. Those are squads of five armed AI players that randomly fall from the sky in capsules. After the capsules land, the Marauders will move across the map in a squad looking for players to shoot down.

These guys are a pretty big new threat in Fortnite solo games, as there are five of them. Five AI players shooting at you is something you really need to avoid. If you see some Marauders in the distance, steer clear of them. Do not attempt to take on a full squad of Marauders, as you’ll be greatly outnumbered.

A player shooting at a Marauder

A player shooting at a Marauder

When Marauders start chasing you, move to zip lines on the map. Zip lines provide a good way to lose Marauders in pursuit. Peppers, which give you a speed boost, can also come in handy for outrunning Marauders. You can pick up peppers to eat from Nom boxes at the Fortilla, Sweaty Sands, and Frenzy Farm.

6. Check out Pawntoon

The Pawntoon is a new secret landmark location introduced in Season 3 that’s not shown on the map. This is a boat that’s situated at a different location on the map in every Fortnite match you play. However, this boat is always in the sea along the outer perimeter of Fortnite’s map. Look for a small boat near the edges of the map before jumping from the Battle Bus to spot Pawntoon.

The deck of Pawntoon

The deck of Pawntoon

Pawntoon is loaded with loot. This boat includes numerous chests, a blue crate, Slurp barrels, floor loot, ammo boxes, Noms, and a Henchman Chest. So, it’s a great spot to land in.

Season 3 has certainly introduced some notable new features that can help you win, or at least survive longer in, more matches. These Fortnite beginners tips for Chapter 2 Season 3 will enhance your chances of survival.

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    I am new to Fortnite and it is slightly more difficult for a beginner to play a game that has gotten a lot of updating. I did not understand where the loot was the best. And I had many more questions but, some of them were answered by you. Thank you!


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