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Political Advisers Suggest Joe Biden Fortnite Event

After the success of Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite last month, could we see Joe Biden make an appearance in the massively popular shooter as well? Former Buttigieg campaign adviser, Lis Smith, has floated the idea in an interview with Politico. With Fortnite being one of the most popular games amongst younger audiences, it is being seen as a way to connect with the younger demographic.

Political Advisers Suggest Joe Biden Fortnite Event

Could we end up seeing U.S. Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden have his own event in Fortnite? Well, Epic Games has not commented on it, but it is a strategy Democrats are looking towards on the campaign trail, and as a possibility for their convention in August. With stay-at-home orders across the United States, political campaigns cannot have their usual rallies and are opting for online solutions, such as online town halls and livestreams. 

During an interview with Politico, Lis Smith, a former communications director on the Buttigieg Presidential campaign, stated this in reference to the Travis Scott concert that took place within Fortnite last month, which garnered millions of views:

If we could do that with Joe Biden, you know, Joe Biden and project it against the Grand Canyon, that might be a little bit ambitious, but we could have exclusive musical content from some of the biggest musical artists in the game at this driving eyeballs to the convention so that people watch them.

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The former head of online engagement for the Buttigieg campaign had even suggested bringing former President Obama into Fortnite to present Joe Biden with his nomination, 

Give America a giant avatar of President Obama introducing another avatar of Joe Biden while they stand amidst a digital rendering of America through the ages. . .

Who would have thought that crowning a Presidential candidate in a video game would even be a remote possibility? Could something like this actually come to fruition? Well, for the out-of-touch, this certainly seems like a great idea. As for the rest of us, we could be watching in horror. 

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