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Cizzorz talks Streaming Mentorship, His Dream Fortnite Squad and more in Interview

Learn how you can stream and be mentored by Faze Cizzorz, his dream Fortnite squad, and his keys to streaming success in our one on one interview. With the recent release of season 9 of Fortnite, various changes have once again reinvented the world’s number one battle royale game. From removing the pump shotgun to destroying Tilted Towers, no one knows what Epic Games will do next.
Cizzorz talks Streaming Mentorship, His Dream Fortnite Squad and more in Interview

Cizzorz talks Streaming Mentorship, His Dream Fortnite Squad and more in Interview

With the recent release of Fortnite season 9, Epic Games has once again reinvented the world’s number one battle royale game. From removing the pump shotgun to destroying Tilted Towers, no one knows what Epic Games will do next. We sat down with one of the biggest streamers in the game Faze Cizzorz (known as Cizzorz online) and talked death runs, his Fortnite dream squad, top tips for streaming, and the current meta Epic Games has been implementing into the game. As well, Cizzorz has recently teamed up with Axe to award one fan the chance to stream and be mentored by Cizzorz himself.

The Axe Gaming Contest

In a recent campaign targeted towards gamers, Axe has launched the Axe Gaming Contest. Axe and I are teaming up to make a contest for the fans to try and show off their creativity in game and see what they’re all about, says Cizzorz. We want to see what original content they can come up with. The contest is to try to find someone who has the passion to really make it big in this industry.

Cizzorz talks Streaming Mentorship, His Dream Fortnite Squad and more in Interview

Cizzorz and the Axe Gaming Contest

Cizzorz reached international fame—and over 4 million subscribers on Youtube—due to his popularity within Fortnite: Battle Royale communities. However, the contest is not limited to Fortnite content. It’s for gaming in general, they can enter the contest with any game they want.

When he’s not playing Fortnite, Cizzorz is busy making new death runs and feeding his addiction to Rocket League. Just as the Axe Gaming Contest is looking for someone truly passionate about gaming and streaming, Cizzorz’ passion for games really comes through when talking about Fortnite and his love of Rocket League. Basically, it’s car soccer, he explains. I’ve been playing with a bunch of professionals and I’ll be playing the world champ one versus one for a thousand dollars.  

The Axe Gaming Contest will run until May 23rd, 2019. The winning contestant will have the chance to stream alongside Cizzorz on his channel, get support from Cizzorz’ own huge community and learn tips and tricks of the streaming trade with Cizzorz as their mentor.

To enter, fans must submit their best live-action clip accompanied with a caption about why they’re passionate about gaming and upload their post to either Twitter or Instagram using #AXEGaming and #Contest. Visit AXE.com/Gaming for full contest rules.

Cizzorz’ Fortnite: Battle Royale Dream Squad

Many Fortnite gamers have their own favorite streamers, but who does Cizzorz respect most within the streaming community? What’s his dream Fortnite squad? I’m going to go with Faze Tfue, Cloakzy, and Faze Sway, Cizzorz hesitates before continuing. Or maybe Nate Hill. Actually put them both in, one of them can take my spot, he says modestly. 

The names he mentioned are are some of the biggest in the game. Notably, the dream duo of Faze Tfue and Cloakzy who won the fall skirmish at TwitchCon.

Faze Cizzorz Introduction Video

The Evolution of Fortnite

Many prominent Fortnite streamers have been bashing Epic Games’ decisions when it comes to modifying the game and trying to keep Fortnite fresh season after season. The biggest controversial change recently was the removal of materials and heals per kill. Before the update, players would receive 50 points of either health or shield (whichever they were lacking), as well as 150 materials (on top of whatever materials the eliminated player had) dropped within the eliminated player’s loot. Views are mixed within the casual gaming community, but most, if not all streamers, detested this change.

I think it was not a good decision, but obviously they’re going to do whatever they want to do with their game. I don’t agree with it. They should bring it back and I have a lot of other ideas of what they should change, but for now we’re going to have to deal with whatever they give us.

As both a writer in the industry and a Fortnite fan, I understand the need to keep the game fun for the general public. I think it’s obvious that the heals and materials per kill was something that benefited the best players and encouraged pushing people. It encouraged high-speed playing styles and made the game fast and rewarding. At the same time, encouraging beginners to take more fights also helps them get better.

However, this would mean that beginners or casual players would be eliminated much quicker if they landed near the more competitive players in the lobby. Cizzorz had his own ideas on how to please both the competitive and casual Fortnite gamers.

Cizzorz Advice to Epic Games

I think they should make a ranked mode. If they’re going to change the settings like shield and mats per kill, change more than just that. They have got to bring all the fun items back to public playlists. Add the crazy stuff that launches you across the map and all that good stuff. But in the ranked mode cater towards the more serious audience and take away those crazy objects and items.

A ranked mode or private servers is a very logical path to take. Fortnite could add competitive/ranked servers alongside casual playlists in the Fortnite: Battle Royale game modes. Some of the biggest first-person shooter games on the market like Counter Strike implement this kind of system. However, there are downsides to such a system. One of the best things about Fortnite is the speed and smoothness of jumping into games.

The Arena Mode was an example of how ranked modes could strongly lengthen loading times. Obviously, it takes much longer for the system to match you with players of similar caliber. Whether Epic Games will continue on the path they’ve taken Fortnite, or shift to fulfill streamers’ requests, only time will tell.

…no one knows what Epic Games will do next.

The Key to Streaming Success

Everyone and their grandmother (well, maybe not most grandmothers) wants to get rich playing video games all day. It seems like the dream job, the dream life, but there is more to it than simply playing a game and uploading a video. So, what is the secret to all of Cizzorz’ success?

Typically, I see so many people ask this question and I see them go out and stream and try and make it, but they only try and give effort for maybe a month or so. They don’t give it a hundred and ten percent. You have to really want it.Especially when starting, when your viewer count is low, when you don’t have a lot of traction, you have to try and get yourself out there by any means possible as much as possible.

Cizzorz’ Streaming Journey

Cizzorz started making Youtube videos back in 2011, but he had to quit because he couldn’t afford the recording equipment among other necessary tools. Despite his first speed bump in his stream dream, he started streaming again in 2015. I got lucky. I was in the right place, right time, making the right content at the right time. But I had to grind for over a year and a half before I started really making decent money on Youtube. You have to want it more than the next guy. You have to try as hard as you can and not give up when you don’t see success because you’re never going to get instant success in this world.

Cizzorz’ advice was general and focused on the need for perseverance, rather than specific tips. However, this ideology can be applied to every part of your life. If you’re constantly moving from job to job because none of them see to be the perfect fit, consider sticking it out longer. In a world where everything is becoming more and more instantaneous: online shopping, tap payments, social media interaction, we all need to remember that the best things take time. Real friendships aren’t formed by the click of an accept button. Likewise, as Cizzorz said, real success doesn’t happy instantly. 

If you’re looking to get more tips on streaming and the chance to be mentored by Cizzorz, please visit axe.com/gaming. 

Cizzorz talks Streaming Mentorship, His Dream Fortnite Squad and more in Interview

Cizzorz poses with his dog, Ace


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