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7 Map Tips for Fortnite

Have you just added the Fortnite shoot em' up to your desktop, laptop, console, or mobile device? This guide provides several handy Fortnite Chapter 2 map tips. If you have, welcome to the wonderful world of Fortnite: Battle Royale!

7 Map Tips for Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite got a new map in October 2019, which ushered in a Chapter 2 era for the game. That map is in its second season, at the time of writing, and has changed a bit from the first chapter. It’s pretty much the same map, but it includes five new faction locations along with additional Safe Houses. There you can battle it out with five bosses and their henchmen that provide a diversion to shooting other players. There’s a lot to discover on the Chapter 2 map. There are also various map features and food (foraged) items that can help players. If you’re wondering what those are, check out some of these Fortnite Chapter 2 map tips.

1. Go fishing!

Fishing is everybody’s favorite pastime, right? Well, maybe not, but some players certainly love a bit of fishing on Fortnite’s map. Fortnite’s Chapter 2 map includes fishing rods you can pick up to catch fish and guns from the water with. When you pick up a fishing rod, head to a coastal spot or lake from which you can catch various fish that revitalize you when eaten. You might even scoop some guns! These are the various fish (and cans) you can catch in Fornite:

  • Small Fry: Restores 25 health
  • Flopper: Restores 50 health
  • Slurpfish: Restores 50 health and shield
  • Mythical Goldfish: A fish that kills hostiles
  • Rusty can: Inflicts 20 damage on hostiles

2. Eat apples at the Orchard

The Orchard is a Landmark location on Fortnite’s map. That’s a good place to go when your health is down as it’s stocked with apples you can eat to increase energy. The Orchard includes the Farmers Market and a couple of fields where you pick up apples to eat by pressing the default E key.

7 Fortnite Chapter 2 map tips

An apple at the Orchard

Like all landmarks, Orchard is not marked on the map. However, it’s easy to find that landmark just to the northeast of Frenzy Farm. The Orchard’s grid reference on the map is F3.

3. Eat mushrooms in Weeping Woods

Mushrooms are another of Fortnite’s foraged items. The mushrooms give you +5 shield when eaten. You can find the blue mushrooms in the forest of Weeping Woods.

7 Fortnite Chapter 2 map tips

A blue mushroom in Weeping Woods

4. Move across the map with ziplines

Fortnite includes boats and helicopters for players to get around the map with. However, players can also move more quickly by utilizing the various ziplines scattered across the map. A lot of those ziplines are along the mountainous terrain in the southeast of the map. Those ziplines are invaluable for moving up and down the mountains.

However, a lot of new players probably won’t realize that the power line which runs from Steamy Stacks to Retail Row is a zipline in disguise. Players can hook up to that zipline at the south side of Steamy Stacks by standing just under the cable there and pressing the default E key. Then you can zip across the various electricity pylons all the way to Retail Row. You can also open chests on some of the pylons.

7 Fortnite Chapter 2 map tips

The zipline at Steamy Stacks

5. Disguise yourself as a faction Henchman

Fortnite’s second Chapter 2 season is based on a faction war between Ghost and Shadow that provides an interesting novelty for the game (especially for Battle Pass players). There are five faction locations across the map that are full of faction henchman and loot to pick up. Players can open secret vaults, chests, and play Battle Pass spy games at those locations.

Players go to those locations at their peril as faction henchmen will open fire when they spot trespassers. However, you can infiltrate those locations without getting shot at (by faction henchmen at least). Some faction locations, such as the Agency, include red phone booths that you can go in to disguise yourself as a Ghost or Shadow henchman. Then you can move around faction bases to collect some gear without the henchmen firing, so long as you don’t shoot at them.

A red phone booth

A red phone booth

6. Revitalize yourself at Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is the location to go to on the map whenever you need to revitalize health and shield and don’t have any medic kits handy. That location includes a big factory and a swamp filled with Slurp Juice. Players can revitalize themselves by moving into the big swamp around the factory with pipes that pump Slurp into it. Move up to the pipes around the swamp to revitalize health and gain additional shield.

Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp

You can also hack away Slurp barrels and trucks to re-energize yourself. A lot of those barrels are in and around Slurpy Swamp. However, there are Slurp trucks and barrels at other spots on the map. For example, you can hack away a Slurp truck at Red Steel Bridge. There are also a few Slurp barrels on the east side of Blue Steel Bridge.

7. Open Ice Boxes

As a final Fortnite Chapter 2 map tip, open Ice Boxes on the game’s map. Ice Boxes are basically another type of chest you can open to pick up items. The Ice Boxes include fish and coal that you can toss at hostiles. So, opening them can save you a bit of fishing time. You can find Ice Boxes at Weeping Woods, Sweaty Sands, and there’s one at the Farmers Market in the Orchard.

An Ice Box at Farmers Market

An Ice Box at Farmers Market

Those Fortnite Chapter 2 map tips will come in handy for boosting health and shield, getting around the map, and collecting gear. I could also mention that you can light campfires on the map and eat coconuts at Sweaty Sands by hacking down palm trees to regain health. So, those are two more tips to boot!

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