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Best Fortnite PC Settings and Sensitivity from Timthetatman

Looking to get better at Fortnite: Battle Royale? Want to dominate Fortnite PC lobbies like SypherPK and Ninja? Timthetatman is one of the most-watched Fortnite streamers in the world. Try using Timethetatman’s settings to help boost your game.

Best Fortnite PC Settings and Sensitivity from Timthetatman - cover

Looking for Timthetatman’s settings? In the past, we've covered tons of settings from console gamers. Now, it’s time to cover one Fortnite streamer who has one of the largest followings in the industry, Timethetatman. Tim has made a name for himself in the streaming community with his likeable personality, humorous rages on stream, and his relatability to the average gamer. 

Let’s face it, we all can’t be as good as Nickmercs or Ninja. For those of us who dream of making living by streaming video games and aren’t gods at the games we play, Tim’s channel shows that it may be a difficult dream, but a possible one. While he isn’t the best player out there, he can hold his own while playing with big names like Faze Cloakzy, Dark, DrLupo and of course, Ninja.  

Want to get better at Fortnite? Try following Timthetatman’s Fortnite settings to help improve your game.


Best Fortnite PC Settings and Sensitivity from Timthetatman - sensitivity

Mouse Sensitivity X  – 0.08
Mouse Sensitivity Y  – 0.08
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity – 0.70
Mouse Scope Sensitivity – 0.70

Best Fortnite PC Settings and Sensitivity from Timthetatman - building


Wall  –  Q
Floor – Z


Roof – C

Trap – F5

Best Fortnite PC Settings and Sensitivity from Timthetatman - combat


Harvesting Tool –  1
Weapon Slot 1 – 2

Weapon Slot 2 –  3

Weapon Slot 3 –  4

Weapon Slot 4 –  5

Weapon Slot 5 –  6

TimTheTatman *UPDATED* Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Setup 2019
Timthetatman Fortnite Settings

While Timthetatman's Fortnite settings will be optimal for him and for others, it's important to remember that everyone's playing style and preferences are different. Please be sure to adjust these settings as you see fit and gradually raise your sensitivity to whatever level works best for you.

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Settings are amazing and for helpful.

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