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Where to Find Lara Croft in Fortnite and Get the Grappler Bow

This guide will tell you exactly where to find Lara Croft in Fortnite, and how to get the new Grappler Bow. Lara is the only way players are able to buy the new Exotic weapon, but she can also be recruited to fight as your ally, and give you quests to earn gold.

where to find lara croft in fortnite and get the grappler bow cover

Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 has introduced players to Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. The video game icon can be equipped as a cosmetic skin and can be found as an NPC roaming the island amongst the raptors and wolves. Talking to her has its perks, including the only way to purchase the Grappler Bow. This Exotic weapon is the newest addition to the popular Battle Royale’s current primal-themed season, and it packs quite the punch. This guide will detail exactly where Lara Croft is in Fortnite and how to get the Grappler Bow.

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Where to find Lara Croft

You can find Lara Croft amongst the Stealthy Stronghold ruins in the north-west corner of the map. If you land directly at Stealthy Stronghold she will most likely be found in the middle of the location. If not, she’s easy enough to locate by circling the structure while looking for the white NPC dialogue box symbol on your minimap.

The only place to find Lara in Fortnite's map

The only place to find Lara in Fortnite’s map

Head over and click the button to speak with her and she will automatically give you a random item, which could range from some building materials to a Slurp Juice. As well as these freebies, she offers quests that reward gold for completing tasks such as opening chests and getting pistol eliminations. Lara is also available for hire as an ally, who is very useful for drawing fire and distracting enemy players.

How to get the Grappler Bow

Talking to Lara is also the only way to acquire the impressive Exotic level Grappler Bow. It deals 89 damage, and acts as a helpful way to escape sticky situations. Just point at where you want to travel, fire an arrow, and you’re out of there. It can even grapple on to other players, and be used instead of taking fall damage.

The unfortunate downside is the weapon’s obscene price tag– the Grappler Bow costs 500 gold bars. At least it should be easier to zip about the island with your pockets significantly lighter.

Fortnite Battle Pass Trailer for Chapter 2 Season 6

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