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Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review - A Shaky Foundation (Xbox One) Cover

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review: A Shaky Foundation (XB1)

Buildings Have Feelings Too! is a kooky new management sim game that stars buildings as the protagonists. But what is it like to play? This review traverses the intricacies of the mechanics and movement, and gets to the bottom of whether or not this ...

6.8 Fair
Asdivine Cross Review: Closer to a Classic (XB1)

Asdivine Cross Review: Closer to a Classic (XB1)

Another fairly recent RPG has made the jump from mobile platforms to modern consoles, this time with Asdivine Cross, the third in a series. But don’t label this as another fluffy phone game. As this review makes clear, something special is going on h...

8 Great

Ruinverse Review: 2 Souls 2 Furious (XB1)

KEMCO is back at it again with Ruinverse, a turn-based strategy RPG. Released initially for mobile devices, the Xbox One port is littered with mechanics that fit best for play on the go and make for a speedier adventure for the modern player. In a wo...

5 Average
Crystal Ortha Review: Retro RPG for the Modern Age (Xbox One)

Crystal Ortha Review: Retro RPG For Modern Players (XB1)

The retro renaissance continues with KEMCO's Crystal Ortha, a turn-based RPG in the vein of the '90s classics you know and love. In this review, we'll see how modern mechanics can improve on classic gaming experiences, and see just how many genre tro...

8 Great
Dirt 5 Review: A Nostalgic Comeback (Xbox One)

Dirt 5 Review: A Nostalgic Comeback (XB1)

The all new Colin McRae's Dirt 5 delivers an exceptional rally arcade with beautiful sceneries and hardcore racing across 5 different continents. The new Dirt 5, a successful successor to Dirt 4, gives a nostalgic experience from Dirt 3. However, it ...

7.8 Good
9 Monkeys of Shaolin Review: Captivating Masterpiece (Xbox One)

9 Monkeys of Shaolin Review: Captivating Masterpiece (Xbox One)

An illustrious tale of a Chinese fisherman seeking revenge quickly escalates to something not entirely of this world. Travel across China with a band of monks, fight pirates with old school beat 'em up action, and even play local or online co-op! The...

9.5 Amazing
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 12 Review (XB1)

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Review: Call it a Comeback (XB1)

Vicarious Visions has reinvigorated a legendary franchise, lovingly remaking the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles from the ground up. Every level from both games has been beautifully recreated in stunning 4K 60 FPS, with an extensive roster of...

8.5 Great
disintegration review xb1 cover art

Disintegration Review: A Futuristic Motorcycle Ride (XB1)

Disintegration is set in a timeline that looks eerily similar to ours right now. Economic collapse, diseases spreading, and devastating storms are just some of the problems we face right now. In the world of Disintegration, these events led to some v...

5 Average
Shred! 2 - ft Sam Pilgrim stunt

Shred! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim Review: A Mobile Game on a Console? (XB1)

Shred! 2 is a mountain bike Trials-inspired game that lets you pull off crazy stunts at the expense of a young adult's bruised body. But is it any good? It also came out on mobile about 2 years ago. Has the console version improved on it? Find out wi...

4 Poor
Deliver Us The Moon Review: a Story out of this World (XB1)

Deliver Us The Moon Review: A Story out of This World (XB1)

Deliver Us The Moon, the latest game from KeokeN Interactive and Wired Productions, promises a thrilling, atmospheric story... in space! Read on to find out whether Deliver Us The Moon achieved liftoff, or fell just short of breaking atmosphere in ou...

8.9 Great
The Complex Review: Complex Definitions (XB1)

The Complex Review: Story First (XB1)

The latest interactive film produced by Wales Interactive features both a chilling story and impressive acting talent. But does it innovate within the bounds of its genre, offering sufficient value for potential players? This is The Complex. Wales In...

8 Great
Bleeding Edge Character Guide: Daemon

Bleeding Edge Review: Character for Days (XB1)

With memorable characters and fast-paced combat, Ninja Theory's new game Bleeding Edge is a promising new entry in its genre. The only question is: will it hold up against the fierce competition, or fall short of the mark set by others? In 2018, Ninj...

7 Good

Devil May Cry 5 Review (Xbox One)

Blood, demons, crazy weapons and most importantly, style. One of the most influential action adventure series in gaming, Devil May Cry, finally has an exclusive installment for the current console generation. Introduction Ten years since the last rel...

Image not Available

Armored Warfare Review (Xbox One)

Do you like modern tanks? Do you like blowing things up with friends? Then check out the latest modern tank game to hit the Xbox marketplace! Challenge yourself online or have a casual match with friends in the latest PVE story modes. Cause your own ...

6 Fair
Image not Available

Descenders Preview (Xbox One)

Time to go extreme in this next generation downhill freeriding simulation. Boasting procedurally generated worlds for you to conquer different challenges in this game, it gives you a real sense of accomplishment, while at the same time punishing you ...

Image not Available

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (Xbox One)

In a battle of fact vs fiction you control Nikolas Tesla in an epic battle against H.P Lovecraft. With an array of weapons at your disposal as well as your own Tesla-Mech can the inventor defeat the horror writer and his army of nightmarish monsters ...

7 Good
Image not Available

Madden NFL 18 Review (Xbox One)

Take to the field and guide Devin Wades destiny in the all new Longshot mode. Cement your legacy as an owner, coach or player in the highly celebrated Franchise Mode. Squad up with two teammates in the new 3v3 competitive mode in Madden Ultimate Team...

8 Great
Image not Available

Xenon Valkyrie+ Review (Xbox One)

Xenon Valkyrie+ is an intense and challenging title, but also a must-own for players who love rogue-like games. With beautiful graphics and a unique charm, the game provides a fun experience in a retro look despite its gameplay difficulty elements. I...

7.6 Good
Image not Available

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Review (Xbox One)

Enjoy an exciting space simulator journey that blends different gameplay features from various genres into a unique title. In Starpoint Gemini Warlords, the player manages their own fleet to improve battling capabilities and master strategy skills th...

4.6 Poor
Image not Available

SOMA Review (Xbox One)

"Soma - The body as distinct from soul, mind or body." Given the very definition of the word "soma", Frictional Games’ latest title does its name justice. It explores themes rarely discussed through the medium of videogames. SOMA takes its time to ma...

9 Amazing
Image not Available

Wuppo Review (Xbox One)

With a lovely combination of RPG elements and action platforming, Wuppo will definitely impress players who are looking for a straightforward gameplay and fun experience. The title is truly enjoyable and brings an engaging story-driven environment in...

8.6 Great
Image not Available

N++ Review (Xbox One)

Do you like challenging platformers? Then N++ might be the game for you. Jump around and climb like a ninja while completing hard challenges for world records! You can also grab a friend or two and play with them on the couch and enjoy the rage toget...

8.5 Great
Image not Available

Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One)

Are you toying with the idea of buying Destiny 2? Well, let me assist you. In this review, we will go over some of the game's story and endgame content after the story. Destiny 2 is Bungie's answer to fans who complained about the original Destiny an...

8 Great
Image not Available

JYDGE Review (Xbox One)

JYDGE combines a slick combat system in a very well-designed isometric game. Even though regular missions are very simple and easy to complete, players will encounter a unique depth in each new challenge. The game brings multiple options for weapon a...

8.3 Great
Image not Available

Knock-Knock Review (Xbox One)

Knock Knock allows you to join a mysterious story filled with horrifying sounds and a creepy environment. While the game has a cute design with very well-made graphics, players can easily find disturbing elements as they continue playing. INTRODUCT...

5 Average
Image not Available

Time Recoil Review (Xbox One)

Time recoil brings a set of incredible missions that lets the player test their skills while traveling in time. Completing tasks will not only allow your character to discover new talents, shooting abilities and powerful moves but also advance levels...

8.3 Great

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Review (Xbox One)

Join a brand-new adventure in this season of Minecraft: Story Mode. Filled with a fantastic narrative that makes meaningful references to previous episodes, the game allows players to take the lead on this journey. You will be responsible for crucial...

Image not Available

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Review (Xbox One)

Based on a tactical RPG style, Masquerade is filled with fast and strategic combats. The game was developed by the indie studio Witching Hour and brings an attractive narrative and fun gameplay. It is a great title for different audiences, including ...

7 Good
Image not Available

Blackhole Review (Xbox One)

Blackhole takes you into a mysterious dimension part of a defiant adventure in space. This indie game is filled with lots of humor and challenging puzzles that require a lot of attention and patience to complete. Join an entire team of extraneous cre...

8.2 Great
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