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Fortnite ZOMBIES – Season 6 New Mode: Fortnitemares Guide

Fortnite’s newest mode is the best mode yet, filled with Halloween decorations and an endless horde of zombies coming for your head. Here are 5 important tips and things to know before starting your first Fortnitemares game. Don't miss this Fortnite ZOMBIES Season 6 New Fortnitemares Mode Guide.

Fortnite ZOMBIES - Season 6 New Mode: Fortnitemares Guide
Fortnite’s Season 6 newest Halloween themed mode: Fortnitemares, launched today and is available in Solos, Duos and Squads. This new mode is the best mode yet, adding a whole new element to the game. Not only do players have to fight off enemy squads, but at the same time, hordes of zombies will spawn everywhere on the map and attack the nearest player. This time, danger comes from everywhere in Fortnite. This Fortnitemares guide will show you a few tips and things you should know before you start playing.

1.Zombies come from Cube shards

Purple cube shards are scattered all over the map and more will spawn randomly as the circle gets smaller and smaller. Zombies will start spawning a few meters from the cube shards whenever players approach. The zombies or cube monsters will spawn indefinitely until the cube shard is destroyed.

2. Zombies drop loot

The best factor about this new mode is that zombies drop loot. Once eliminated, zombies drop ammo, healing items, and weapons. This means that once you loot up a little, you can camp at a cube shard and keep eliminating zombies until they drop SCARs, ammo, or whatever items you may need. Of course, the zombie's snarls and your gunshots will easily attract the attention of nearby enemies.

Fortnite ZOMBIES - Season 6 New Mode: Fortnitemares Guide

3. Soaring Mode: On

If you remember the limited time mode called Soaring Solos/Duos/Squads, then you’ll remember the ability to deploy the landing umbrella/parachute whenever you jump from four stories or higher. For some reason, Epic Games enabled this ability in Fortnitemares. This means that you can build up and start gliding without the need of a launch pad or if you’re on a mountain you can simply jump off and you're golden. While this provides a lot of mobility, we already have both the rift-to-go and the launch pad, so this added ability seems excessive. Players who build sky bases will also be able to simply jump off and soar down on top of you.

"This time, danger comes from everywhere in Fortnite."

4. Zombies break structures

Zombies in general are slow, weak, and stupid in Fortnitemares. However, just like in The Walking Dead if there is a horde of them you shouldn’t take them lightly. They will tear through your one-by-one structure in a heartbeat. If you are being tailed by a horde and get engaged by an enemy you’ll have to both fight from two angles and won’t be able to build a structure without it getting torn down in a few seconds.

However, since zombies are slow, building on houses, stores or other pre-made structures is efficient. Even if there is a horde attacking you, it’ll take them forever to tear down an entire building. Usually you’ll have enough time to deal with incoming enemies and then soar off before the zombies get close.  

5. Gold Zombies drop Gold Loot

Every now and then you’ll get a gold zombie spawning out of a cube shard. They are much stronger than other zombies and they have much more health. When eliminating a gold zombie they will drop legendary items.

Fortnitemares Trailer

What do you think about Fortnite’s new Fortenitemares mode? Let us and our readers know in the comments below.

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