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Fortnite Paradise: Cryptic Teasers Reveal Details About Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 is on the horizon, with release date set for this Sunday, September 18th. The teasers have been cryptic, bizarre, and a little unsettling, so let's take a look at what's in store for Fortnite Paradise.

Fortnite Paradise: Cryptic Teasers Reveal Details About Season 4

What’s in store for Fortnite Paradise? Epic Games has been hard at work pumping out cryptic teasers in the run-up to Chapter 3, Season 4. None of the three teasers feature any gameplay, but all feature the same strange, metallic goo overtaking mundane, live-action scenes. Post-leak, the video was published on the Fortnite Twitter as well.

Another teaser, spotted on the Fortnite TikTok, features the same metallic goo taking over a simple gardening video.

Captioned ‘Chrome will consume all, Chrome will be all #FortniteParadise’, this video suggests that Fortnite Paradise will pull on the theme of a mysterious substance covering the map. This is a pretty common theme for Fortnite, like the Chapter 2, Season 6 ‘Primal Biomes’, and even the current seasons ‘Reality Tree’ spreading its roots across the map.

This teaser, which leaked over the FortniteNews Telegram, follows the same TikTok influencer format as before.

After the leaks, Epic Games published a simple splash page for Fortnite Paradise, featuring the name of the season and the release date, accompanied by a creepy, monotonous tone. The upcoming season is expected to take a darker turn following the relatively chilled out summer seasons.

SOURCE: Epic Games, FortniteNews, Shiina on Twitter

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    What a spectacular article! I love all the fortnites and I bet the goop will be so whimsical


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