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Fortnite Freemium Model: How it Makes so Much Money

Due to the Fortnite freemium model, you don't need to pay a dime to play the game. The reason Fortnite is making so much money might lie in another facet of human nature: kindness. In this interview with Hacker Noon writer and Microsoft emp...

Cizzorz talks Streaming Mentorship, His Dream Fortnite Squad and more in Interview

Learn how you can stream and be mentored by Faze Cizzorz, his dream Fortnite squad, and his keys to streaming success in our one on one interview. With the recent release of season 9 of Fortnite, various changes have once again reinvented t...

5 Family-friendly Fortnite Streamers other than Ninja

Looking for talented Fortnite streamers to watch? We’ve got you covered with five family-friendly Fortnite streamers other than Ninja. Fortnite: Battle Royale is by far one of the most-watched and most-streamed video games of the past decad...

5 Reasons Why Fortnite is Better than PUBG and Black Ops 4

Fortnite is a game that literally changed the world, not the gaming world, but the entire planet Earth. Here are 5 reasons why Fortnite is better than PUBG and Black Ops 4 and all the other battle royales on the market. From uniting gamers ...

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