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Double Pug Switch Review: Pugging Hardcore (Switch)

Double Pug Switch will test your reflexes and precision, rewarding you with cute hats and silliness. Help Otis save the world from an army of cats in this challenging interdimensional platformer, where simple "one more turn" gameplay will k...

7 Good
Gamesir X2 Review

GameSir X2 Mobile Controller Review: Turn You Smartphone Into a Handheld Console

GameSir X2 mobile controller will make you forget about expensive, inconvenient Bluetooth controllers and seamlessly usher you into a true world of highly functional and comfortable gaming on the go. GameSir X2 Mobile Controller Review: Tur...

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Review: Honest Abe (Switch)

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Review: Oddest Abe (Switch)

The immersive and acclaimed platformer arrives on Nintendo Switch with a completely new look. Revisit the origin story of Abe, and experience the innovative and frustrating design work that has cemented Oddworld's place in history. Abe cont...

8 Great
Lepow Z1

Lepow Z1 Gamut Review: Portable and Convenient

The Lepow Z1 Gamut portable monitor takes convenience to another level. The slim, classy screen can be folded and carried on a whim, greatly enhancing one’s productivity on the go. Its flexibility for use with just about any device makes th...

7.5 Good
Röki Review: Adventure Comes a-Nøkken (Switch)

Röki Review: Adventure Comes a-Nøkken (Switch)

Röki is a heartfelt and heartwarming tale of siblings lost somewhere in the mystical cold of Scandanavia. It is an adventure game that both breaks down barriers and pushes to new heights. It is gorgeous to look at and listen to, and charmin...

8.5 Great
The Red Lantern Review: Mushing Through The Snow PC

The Red Lantern Review: Mushing Through the Snow (PC)

Can you survive the harsh environments of Alaska? Face deadly predators and navigate over snowy terrain on the adventure of a lifetime. The Red Lantern is a new story-driven roguelite from Timberline Studios that will challenge players over...

7.2 Good

Jetboard Joust Review: Sting of the Arcade Era

Ready to fly around and serve as your own bug spray? Jetboard Joust is a game thirty years in the making. Directly inspired by a game buried deep within the arcade era, it morphs the brutal difficulty of ye olden days into the modern roguel...

6.5 Fair
Endless Memories Review (PC)

Endless Memories Review: A Great First Attempt

Endless Memories is the latest successful Kickstarter Metroidvania. The first attempt for Homunculus Games, there is plenty here for Metroidvania fans to love. Exploring beautiful levels, with a great progression system is what drives the g...

6.5 Fair
amnesia rebirth review pc cover

Amnesia: Rebirth Review — Dark Corners of Algeria (PC)

10 years after Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Frictional Games decided to dive into the madness again. However, Amnesia: Rebirth is a completely different title: better written, more ambitious and more diverse in its themes. This game is a resu...

9 Amazing
Outpost Delta Review: Nostalgia Unpolished (Switch)

Outpost Delta Review: Nostalgia Unpolished (Switch)

Metroidvania nostalgia with a twist! An Outpost Delta review that showcases the various elements that stand out from the genre, but not without a plethora of downsides. Unfortunately, this is not the twin-stick hybrid we are looking for. Ov...

4 Poor
9 Monkeys of Shaolin Review: Captivating Masterpiece (Xbox One)

9 Monkeys of Shaolin Review: Captivating Masterpiece (Xbox One)

An illustrious tale of a Chinese fisherman seeking revenge quickly escalates to something not entirely of this world. Travel across China with a band of monks, fight pirates with old school beat 'em up action, and even play local or online ...

9.5 Amazing
orangeblood switch review

Orangeblood Review: Welcome to New Koza (Switch)

Come on into New Koza, a man-made island off the coast of Okinawa, in Orangeblood. A stylish hip-hop-inspired JRPG marred by clunky battles and dreadful dialogue. Gorgeous to look at and overall has a good vibe, but it's just not enough to ...

5.5 Average
9th Dawn III Review - Nostalgic And New (PS4)

9th Dawn III Review: Nostalgic and New (PS4)

9th Dawn III takes the player across the huge landscape of RPGs; this game is inspired by classics like the Ultima series, as well as modern masterpieces like The Witcher 3. In merging some of the best features the genre has to offer, 9th D...

7.8 Good
Red Magic 5S Review

Red Magic 5S Review: The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

Red Magic 5S shows that high-performance, gaming-centric smartphones don't have to be unappealing bricks that lag behind the competition in just about everything else. RedMagic 5S Review: The Ultimate Mobile Gaming ExperienceWatch this vide...

8.8 Great
noita review pc header image

Noita Review: A Bewitching Pixel Explosion

Noita, the new roguelite debut from Nolla Games, promises “every pixel is simulated”, and it delivers on an explosive physics sensation where gravity and the elements are your best friend and worst nightmare. This platformer action game has...

7.5 Good

Hadr Game Review: It’s a Cover Up!

On the surface, Hadr is a simple indie game. But the deeper you get into the game, the better the experience gets. Hadr is a small game of refined tastes and it is unlike any other puzzle game seen. So what makes it so special? Time to find...

10 Perfect
Deep Rock Galactic Review: Rock Solid! (PC)

Deep Rock Galactic Review: Rock Solid! (PC)

Rock and stone forever! This Deep Rock Galactic review highlights the exciting gameplay full of humorous camaraderie. With a swath of lackluster multiplayer looters to choose from, is Deep Rock a diamond in the rough for the genre? Today’s ...

9.5 Amazing
Biomass PC Review- A bumpy but Beautiful Souls-like

Biomass Review: A Bumpy but Beautiful Souls-like

Biomass is a solid Souls-like game with RPG and Metroidvania elements. The deep combat system ensures a fair fight against tough bosses. Despite a poorly executed story, the game is worth a try for fans of challenging combat-heavy games. Bi...

7 Good

Prodigal Review: Fragments of an Indie Zelda

Wishing to go back to those retro adventures of yesteryear? Prodigal is the newest foray into the old-time aesthetic, featuring an emphasis on puzzles, exploration, and improving your relationship with the townsfolk. Part adventure, part da...

8 Great
Torchlight 3 Review PC - More Like 'Torchlite 3' (PC)

Torchlight 3 Review: More Like ‘Torchlite 3’ (PC)

The Torchlight series, a fantastic series of ARPGs is finally back with the newest entry, Torchlight 3. Originally, this game was planned as a free-to-play shared-world game titled Torchlight: Frontiers. The game is a pretty bog-standard AR...

5 Average
MindSeize review: Treading Familiar Ground

MindSeize Review: Treading Familiar Ground (Switch)

Villainous robots have made off with your daughter’s mind in MindSeize, a planet-hopping action-platformer in the vein of retro Metroidvania games. Is it a worthy successor to the classics, or does it prioritise style over substance? Let’s ...

6.7 Fair
POSTAL Redux Review: Carry-on Carnage (Switch)

POSTAL Redux Review: Compact Carnage (Switch)

POSTAL Redux brings the original controversial shooter to arguably the most family-friendly of consoles. Remastered visuals, expanded content, and new portability means that there are many new things for returning fans, but anything that co...

5.5 Average
Batbarian PC Review Cover

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials Review: Fang-tastic Fun! (PC)

More than a platformer, an action title, and a metroidvania combined, a barbarian and their magical bat friend must use their combined powers to escape a massive cave dungeon. The first title from Unspeakable Pixels is an immense showcase o...

8.5 Great

HyperX Quadcast S Review: Brilliance in Sight and Sound

The HyperX Quadcast S is a great-sounding, beautiful mic that not only will bring convenience and a greater audio capability to your production, it is also one of the only mics that adds a gorgeous visual element. For the piece of equipment...

10 Perfect
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix Review: It's Slime Time (Switch)

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix Review: It’s Slime Time (Switch)

Your favorite cartoon characters are back, and better than last time. This character racing game embodies your childhood, no matter how old you are, and has enough content to keep you going for quite some time. The first Nickelodeon Kart Ra...

8.5 Great

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest Review: Righteous Rage

The legendary tabletop RPG returns in the form of a beautiful visual novel designed to emulate the tabletop experience. Based on real-world environments and activism, players are also offered thousands of story branches resulting in five di...

8.5 Great
Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny Review- Dance With Destiny.

Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny Review- The Game is Afoot

Visual novels offer players a great story and easy gameplay, and Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny has joined their ranks. This game promises a whirlwind ride of intrigue and lies, as our young protagonist, Ellie, desperately tr...

7 Good

Embracelet Review: Miracles Under The Midnight Sun (Switch)

If you're looking for some lighthearted adventure, a heartwarming story and some fun under the Midnight Sun, look no further than Embracelet - an indie coming of age story that brilliantly shines with its aesthetic and presentation. Machine...

8 Great
UnderHero Switch Review Cover

UnderHero Review: A Hidden Gem (Switch)

When the Chosen Hero is accidentally defeated it falls to you, a lowly masked minion to the villainous Mr. Stitches to save the Chestnut Kingdom from certain doom! But is UnderHero undervalued or underdeveloped? Find out in this review. Und...

9.3 Amazing
Dyplay Urban Traveller Review

Dyplay Urban Traveller Review: Affordable Noise Cancellation

The Dyplay Urban Travellers are noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable, stylish, and functional. The attractive price makes them an even better option for those who wish to keep the world at bay. In a time when everything is attem...

8.5 Great

Pendragon Review: Quest for the Holy Fail (PC)

From Inkle, the creators of Heaven’s Vault and 80 Days, comes Pendragon, a rogue-like narrative strategy game. It hopes to blend writing and gameplay, to constantly have one influence the other. While it succeeds in some ways, it falls shor...

4 Poor
Spellbreak review ps4 cover

Spellbreak Review: A Refreshing Take on Battle Royale (PS4)

Released by developer Proletariat in September 2020, Spellbreak is a new Battle Royale multiplayer experience which allows players to conjure spells and channel the elements in order to defeat enemies. Although Spellbreak has its rough edge...

6.5 Fair
Super Mario Bros 35 Review - Console Gaming's Oldest Dog Learns A New Trick (Switch) - Cover

Super Mario Bros 35 Review: Console Gaming’s Oldest Dog Learns A New Trick (Switch)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the most famous video game of all time, Nintendo gives Mario a totally fresh twist in Super Mario Bros 35. This game has been re-released and ported nearly a dozen times in the past, so is this version r...

10 Perfect

Divoom Planet 9 Smart Lamp Review: Beautiful RGB Desk Accessory

Divoom Planet 9 is proof that RGB can still be used in imaginative ways. For a product advertised as a simple mood lamp that can bring an amazing blend of colors to any corner of your home, it's actually filled with some neat, smile-inducin...

8 Great
Animal Rescuer Review Cover

Animal Rescuer Review: The Witcher of Puppies and Kittens

What if I told you that you can make a bunch of furry little friends in the medieval ages while slashing goons and enemies? Animal Rescuer is exactly that. It puts you in a historic setting with a plethora of animals for you to search, resc...

8.3 Great
Projection- First Light Review PC cover

Projection: First Light Review – Play of Light and Shade (PC)

We all were making shadow puppets with hands early in our childhood. Highlighted back during PAX, Projection: First Light has already showed a lot of potential using the light and shadow as a mechanic for platforming. Eventually you have a ...

8 Great

Iota Review: Chillin’ to Killin’ (PC)

Sometimes easy games can be a real drag. Insane difficulty is a feature for iota, the latest "Dark Souls" comparison piece that will destroy your sanity. Play as a single-eyed organism in its quest to traverse the bizarre, oddly calming cha...

6 Fair

Falcon Age Review: Birds of a Feather (Switch)

Falcon Age spreads its wings and flies on to Nintendo Switch, inviting new players to share the desolate wasteland with their feathered friend. As Ara, a young woman who breaks free from prison, players will help liberate their community. B...

9 Amazing
13 sentinels: aegis rim review: the art of non-linear storytelling

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review: The Art of Non-Linear Storytelling

Masquerading as a simple visual novel hides one of the most groundbreaking stories 2020 has to offer. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim may not be the upcoming open-world action title we're all waiting patiently for, but it certainly deserves a spot ...

8 Great

Going Under Review: A Buggy Masterpiece (Switch)

What do you get when you mix Breath of the Wild and Persona in a Rogue-lite shaker and pour it all into a tall glass of Adventure Time? Easy: A horribly forced metaphor that tries to explain how incredibly good the underlying ideas of Aggro...

9 Amazing
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