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Find here all the Software Reviews we do on KeenGamer. Find specifics about software that can be used for or around your gaming habits, chosen by a fan of these types of software. 

Dungeon Alchemist Review (PC)

Dungeon Alchemist Review: Bringing Your Campaign to Life

Gather round the table, brave adventurers, it's time to roll the dice. Dungeon Alchemist is here to help any Dungeon Master craft beautiful, detailed maps for their players to explore. With AI filling in the gaps, it promises to be more useful than a...

7.9 Good

DDoS: The Enemy of Online Gaming and How to Protect Yourself

We can agree that the internet is an awesome place. It's where we get informed, socialize, play games and plenty more. We depend on it in a lot of ways and that dependency is sure to attract all sorts of malicious, bad intentioned people looking to p...

HD Video Converter Factory Pro (Review)

Need to change your video file from AVI to MP4? Windows Movie Maker only outputting to WMV? Don't worry the HD Video Converter Factory Pro is all you need to deal with all your conversion projects. The HD Video Converter Factory Pro from WonderFox So...

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PS4 System Software Update 4.00 Added Features

Sony has officially released the PlayStation 4 system software (4.00). You can download it now, and here are the added features! Today, September 13, 2016, marks the day PS4 users finally get folders to organize their libraries (among other things). ...