Fortnite Gets GPU Performance, Resolution Boost In Latest Update On Nintendo Switch

Epic Games is making Fortnite a little more beautiful-looking to players as it rolls out an update that focuses on tweaks to the game's visual renderer. The graphical upgrade sees not only the game to be crisper, but also running at higher resolution. Adding to the surprise, the update claims to save a sizeable storage space, allowing for new content.

Fortnite Gets GPU Performance, Resolution Boost In Latest Update On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is getting its latest update and one that introduces significant visual upgrades to the game on the Switch hardware.

Beginning March 30th, Epic Games is rolling out a patch that improves the way players experience the game on the hybrid console. As per the developer’s announcement, the enhancement will particularly concern the renderer, better tapping on the console’s GPU.

The improvement will be noticeably evident on two major factors: clarity and performance. On the one hand, the graphics tweak makes the game substantially clearer or less blurry, without sacrificing on performance. On the other hand, and speaking of uncompromising performance, the game sees consistent framerate, with little hitches; therefore, a smoother experience overall.

Apart from making Fortnite substantially better looking than ever before, the update also brings with it a resolution upgrade. Applicable in both handheld and docked mode, the update will see shift from 1000×560 to 1170×660 with the former and from 1390×780 to 1560×880 with the latter. Epic Games doing the math, it claims a 38% disparity between pre- and post-update.

The amazement, however, does not just end there. Reading through the announcement, the Fortnite developer also claims that the update saves players about 140 Mb of storage space. That’s more than enough space to put an indie title or several retro classics in the Switch’s data storage.

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