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Snoop Dogg’s Label Launches Start-up Death Row Games

Unreal Fest 2023 in New Orleans received a surprise with guest speakers "Snoop Dogg" and "Champ Medici" announcing their latest Death Row Games. Powered by the creation tool Unreal Editor for Fortnite or Creative 2.0; the Father/Son business duo intend to provide access for creatives in over-looked communities.

Snoop Dogg's Label Launches Start-up Gaming Studio Death Row Games

Snoop Dogg is teaming up with his son and business partner Champ Medici to create Death Row Games. The 51-year-old rapper and business mogul acquired Death Row Records and its trademarks in 2022. In March, he introduced the legendary record label to the metaverse by releasing Death Row’s catalog to all major streaming services. Now in October, Champ Medici made a call-to-action seeking to collaborate with video game developers during their interview at Unreal Fest 2023. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., and Champ Medici also known as Cordell Broadus, 26, are extending Death Row’s reach into gaming.

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Death Row Games plans to use UEFN or Unreal Editor for Fortnite’s creation toolkit in future projects. The video game start-up is following the example of Alex Seropian, founder of the experimental game studio Look North World (Outlaw Corral). Seropian is also one of the co-founders and former CEO of video game company Bungie, Inc. (Destiny 2, Marathon). Death Row Games is hoping to strong arm into the gaming industry using the Fortnite ecosystem. Their aim is to provide access and opportunity to creatives in under-served communities as well as “broaden the narrative” in video game story-telling.

Snoop Staying “Ahead of the Game”

UEFN also known as Creative 2.0 is a creative PC application for designing, developing, and publishing video games as well as other virtual experiences directly into the massive online multiplayer Fortnite. Although, there is no official launch date for Death Row Games; A full-length animated film completely rendered using the Unreal Engine has also been produced. The movie is loosely based on the rapper’s life titled The DoggHouse” set to premier later this year.

Fortnite is available on PC, Mobile, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One.

Source: Unreal Fest 2023 – Youtube, Instagram @cbraodus

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