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Monka Storm Keyboard & Guru Mouse Review: Keyed Up, Clicked In

Despite being a lesser-known brand, Monka proves its worth with Storm keyboard and Guru mouse through thoughtful design, solid performance, and intuitive features that cater to both gamers and casual users alike. Monka Storm and Monka Guru...

7 Good
GameSir G8 Galileo Review

GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Controller Review: Gaming on the Go, Perfected

In a landscape filled with various streaming services and comprehensive mobile gaming options, GameSir raises the question: why can't a mobile controller offer the same full-fledged features as a console controller? Enter the Galileo G8, Ga...

9 Amazing

Epomaker TH80 Pro Keyboard Review: Stroke of Beauty

TH80 Pro is another wireless keyboard from Epomaker and this time they seemingly went all in on making this one a sight to behold. But does this mean that there were compromises under the hood? Another day, another Epomaker keyboard. Over t...

8 Great

Quersus Icos Chair Review: A Perfect Office Gaming Hybrid

Quersus eliminates the need for you to ponder whether to choose a gaming or an office chair. Their solution, embodied by the Icos chair, offers a simple yet compelling response: "Why not have both?" Quersus ICOS arrives neatly packaged, wit...

8.6 Great

Epomaker RT100 Keyboard Review: Keys to the Retroverse

While the Epomaker RT100 isn't the first keyboard to marry retro aesthetics with modern tech, it's undoubtedly among the finest, striking the perfect balance between the charm of yesteryear and the innovation of today. Epomaker RT100 is ava...

9.2 Amazing

Epomaker EK75 Kit Review: Key to a Perfect Keyboard

EK75 by Epomaker demonstrates that keyboard kits don't have to be the initial costly step towards crafting a custom DIY keyboard. Instead, it offers a budget-friendly entry point to custom keyboards without compromising on build quality, ta...

9.8 Amazing

Pimax Crystal VR Headset Review: Crystal Clear VR Frontier

With the ever-expanding offer of VR headsets, it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the one best suited for you. Dive into our Pimax Crystal review and uncover if this high-powered headset is the VR gem you've been searching ...

8.5 Great

Nacon RIG 900 Max HX Wireless Headset Review: RIGged to Perfection

NACON's RIG 900 Max HX is a testament to the ever-evolving gaming soundscape. We tuned in, listened closely, and were pleasantly surprised to find that this headset might just be the audio ally every gamer needs. Since acquiring Plantronics...

9.5 Amazing

Machenike KT68 Wireless Keyboard Review: Charging Ahead in Style

Machenike KT68 combines a distinctive typewriter aesthetic with vibrant color schemes, offering ample functionality for those who prefer a tidy, wireless gaming setup. If you haven’t heard of Machenike, perhaps it’s time to star...

8 Great

Nuphy Field75 Wireless Keyboard Review: Unique in Every Keystroke

Although still a relatively new contender in the world of keyboards, Nuphy sweeps the field with their latest and greatest keyboard that does more than a few things right beyond its unique, really cool design. Nuphy Field75 is available for...

8.5 Great

Cidoo ABM098 Wireless Keyboard Review: Glow Show on the Go

The ABM098 from Cidoo is much like Cidoo itself - a definition of an underdog. An understated contender that only when used shows its true colors, and ABM098 has plenty of colors to show thanks to its unique design and a whole host of other...

8.3 Great
Govee RGBICWW Floor Lamp Review

Govee RGBICWW Cylinder Floor Lamp Review: Spectrum of Style

Govee has been shedding light to dark corners of the many-a rooms over the years. While most products of their products are limited in their use, the RGBICWW floor lamp is just that - a colorful smart light that you can basically plop anywh...

8.5 Great
Cidoo V87 Review

Cidoo V87 Keyboard Review: Superior Sound at a Steal

Cidoo is fast becoming a household name in the keyboard space and their V87 is the one to bring them one step closer. A compact TKL with an appealing retro flair and all the modern tech you could want brings it just a level below a true ent...

8.5 Great
Gravastar Alpha65 Review

Gravastar Alpha 65 Review: The Coolest Charging Gadget

Gravastar once again puts their unique futuristic spin on the charging formula with the Alpha 65 fast charger that you'll be proud to display long after you've charged your devices. Charging devices is a necessity that most of us take for g...

9 Amazing
Makalu Max Review

Mountain Makalu Max Mouse Review: Modular, Subdued and Reliable

Makalu Max is a first wireless mouse from Mountain that also features their signature modularity. While that is a one giant leap forward, it also came with a few concessions that just might keep this one from reaching for the stars. Mountai...

8 Great
Keydous NJ80 Review

Keydous NJ80 Keyboard Review: Typing Joy Unleashed

Keyboards are the main way we interact with our devices and Keydous, obviously wants that to be as satisfying as possible with the NJ80. It's a great alternative to enthusiast level, custom boards while shaming most of whats on offer from m...

9 Amazing

Red Magic 8 Pro Review: Hyper Performance in a Beautiful Body

While Nubia's new Red Magic phone might look like it's all about gaming, its hyper performance just might push into the territory of being one of the best Android phones out there. Red Magic 8 Pro is available for purchase on Amazon. #Comis...

9.3 Amazing
Govee Glide Hexa Pro Review

Govee Glide Hexa Pro Review: 3D Lighting Awesomness

In a market populated with all sorts of wall light panels, Govee manages to stand out with the Glide Hexa Pro which takes the shiny lights to a whole new dimension - literally. Govee Glide Hexa Pro is available for purchase on Amazon. #Comi...

9 Amazing

Gravastar Supernova Bluetooth Speaker Review: The Coolest Gadget to Get

Gravastar is once again dead set on taking over the world with its army of robotic speakers. The latest one might not be its most elite soldier but it sure packs a punch while bringing new illuminating tech to the table. Gravastar Supern...

8.5 Great

Govee Glide Wall Light Review: Smooth Brilliance

Govee once again delivers a premium smart light product with the Govee Glide Wall Light. While the base pack won't satisfy those looking for imaginative designs, the saturated colors and robust app support are sure to make it worth your att...

8 Great
Govee RGBIC LED Neon Rope Review

Govee RGBIC LED Neon Rope Review: The Best Gaming RGB Strip

Govee wants shiny lights to be the staple of your infotainment setup. If you were in the dark, their new generation of RGBIC Neon Rope just might be what pushes you to start bringing some bright color into your life. RGB lights of all kinds...

9.8 Amazing
Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Review

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Review: Taking RGB To The Next Level

Govee brings their most advanced smart light package to the market and while it comes at a price premium, it probably offers the best bang for your buck in comparison to its competitors. Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is available for purchase on...

8.8 Great
PDP Victrix Pro BFG Review

PDP Victrix Pro BFG Controller Review: The Best Dual Sense Edge Alternative

The Victrix Pro BFG is a master of all trades when it comes to pro controllers. This thing works on the PlayStation consoles and the PC while bringing enough features to put even the best among first-party controllers to shame. PDP Victrix ...

9 Amazing
Nuphy Halo 65 Review

Nuphy Halo 65 Keyboard Review: Premium Prebuilt Goodness

Nuphy is no stranger to high quality peripherals but Halo 65 seems to be their crowning jewel - at least for the time being. It's a compact, versatile, and beautiful keyboard that can go head to head against the best of them. Nuphy Halo 65...

8.8 Great

Controller People PlayStation 5 Pro Controller Review: Affordable Edge Alternative

The custom controller market is overflowing with controllers that often have gimmicky features that just serve to inflate the price. Well, that's not the case with the Pro Controller that keeps things simple while still improving on the alr...

7.8 Good

Mountain DisplayPad and MacroPad Review: Great Stream Deck Alternatives

Mountain expands its offer of premium products with the DisplayPad and the MacroPad, possibly ending the reign of a few established similar products in the streaming and content creator space. Mountain has finally expanded its range of prod...

9 Amazing
Marvo KG972W Review

Marvo KG972W Keyboard Review: Budget Gasket Mounted Bliss

If you don't want to spend a keyboard enthusiast type of money, Marvo gives you an excellent alternative with the KG972W that won't require modding to give you a great typing experience as soon as you unpack it. Marvo KG972W is available fo...

8.5 Great
Gravastar Sirius Review

Gravastar Sirius Review: The Mecha Gamer Earbuds

Sirius is a pair of earbuds from Gravastar whose design, build and sound quality give much higher-end and expensive earbuds a serious run for their money. Gravastar Sirius is available for purchase on Amazon. #ComissionsEarned As Amazon Ass...

8 Great
Black Shark 5 Review

Black Shark 5 Review: The Budget Gaming Phone to Get

Black Shark 5 is an incremental but worthy successor to Black Shark 4. If you are in the market for a gaming phone and don't want to leave a gaping hole in your wallet - this might be the one. Black Shark 5 is available for purchase on Amaz...

8 Great

Mountain Everest 60: The Absolute Best 60% Keyboard

Mountain continues its winning streak of amazing quality keyboards with this one. Everest 60 is in many ways an improvement over their Everest Max keyboard but in a much smaller, compact form factor which doesn't hold it back one-bit thanks...

9 Amazing

Dream Controller Xbox Elite Series 2 Review: Great Custom Design Controllers

Dream Controller makes even the prettiest plain colors on a gaming controller look boring compared to their custom designs. Whether you're into popular tv shows, movies, anime, or comic books - they have it all. Made with enviable quality...

Red Magic 7 Review

Red Magic 7 Gaming Smartphone Review: Beauty and the Beast

Nubia really did some magic to conjure up Red Magic 7, improving on their previous super-powerful gaming phones. This one somehow looks better, performs faster and is still highly competitively priced. The Red Magic 7 is available for purc...

9 Amazing
TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Review

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Review – Near Flawless Wear OS Smartwatch

Mobvoi steps their game up with the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, bringing one seriously beefy Wear OS smarwatch that the competitors should really look out for. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is available for purchase on Amazon. #ComissionsEarned  As an Ama...

9 Amazing
Gravastar Mars Pro Review

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review: Looks Amazing, Sounds Even Better

Gravastar once again knocks it out of the park with the futuristic aesthetic of the Mars Pro. But, unique design aside, under the hood, this Bluetooth speaker has some great tech that delivers sound which is absolutely out of this world. Gr...

9.5 Amazing
Celebrate Pokemon Day in Style With Nintendo Switch Controllers from PowerA

Celebrate Pokemon Day in Style With Nintendo Switch Controllers from PowerA

Pokemon Day is here and PowerA is bringing their "A" game with amazing Pokemon-themed controllers for the Nintendo Switch so you can catch those little critters in style. Pokemon Day 2022 is here and Pokemon fans can expect numerous Pokemon...

Thrustmaster T248 Review

Thrustmaster T248 Review: Among the Best Entry-Level Racing Wheels

Thrustmaster brings another product for those looking to take a more serious dive into racing wheels. The T248 is simple but it brings everything you'll need for a fun, and engaging racing experience that you simply can't get with a control...

8 Great

Epomaker NT68 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review: Magically Versatile

Epomaker once again brings their A-game with NT68. Whether you are someone looking for a reliable traveling companion or an enthusiast looking for excellent design and satisfying sound - you've definitely found it here.   Epomaker NT68...

8.8 Great
LucidSound LS50X Review

LucidSound LS50X Review: Feature-Rich Flagship Gaming Headset

LS50X is the absolute best LucidSound has to offer. It's jam-packed with features and sounds great, making it a worthy contender for one of the best gaming headsets out there despite its high price. LS50X is available for purchase on Amazon...

9 Amazing
Gravastar Sirius Pro Review

GravaStar Sirius Pro Wireless Earbuds Review: Out of This World

Another futuristic wonder from GravaStar comes in the form of the Sirius Pro wireless earbuds that along with the unique design offer an amazing sound experience and features you'd expect from the top-of-the-line earbuds in their price rang...

9 Amazing
F8 Snowgon Pro Review

GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon Review: Cool Way To Cool Your Phone

Gamesir's F8 Pro Snowgon brings the chill - quite literally. It's a great mobile accessory that helps offset the number one mobile gaming problem - overheating. While it does so with a few limitations, it ultimately does what it's supposed ...

7 Good
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