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6 Fortnite Survival Tips for Surviving Longer

Fortnite is a game of survival, and you’ll survive longer if you stick to the Fortnite survival tips in this game guide. The game tips below are for a safety-first strategy that will help you outlast most other players during most Fortnite matches.

6 Fortnite survival tips for surviving longer

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game of survival. Let us not forget that winning matches in any battle royale game does not depend on amassing a high number of kills. You can win quite a few battle royale matches in Fortnite with just one or two kills. So, you don’t need to play Fortnite like a deathmatch game to win matches! These Fortnite survival tips will ensure you generally survive longer in matches.

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1. Don’t land in named locations

This is one of the most important Fortnite survival tips as the named locations on the map are the most dangerous places to land in after jumping from the Battle Bus. The allure of large quantities of loot inevitably attracts a lot of players to jump toward named locations at the beginning of matches. Consequently, you’ll often encounter at least a little early competition when you glide into named locations. In the worst-case scenario, you might get eliminated before you get a chance to pick up a gun!

To avoid early dogfights, it’s best not to jump toward named locations at the start of matches. The unnamed Landmark locations are usually safer places to land. Furthermore, the best Landmarks are also stuffed with many chests for you to crack open.

Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows

2. Don’t land at locations very close to the flight path

The flight path is the line on the map the Battle Bus flies across at the start of matches. A lot of players often jump to locations along or close to the flight path. Thus, you’ll more likely stumble into some early competition if you do the same.

The Battle Bus

The Battle Bus

So, it’s safer to land at map locations that are further away from the flight path. Jumping toward a Landmark that’s some way away from the flight path is usually a safe bet. Remember that you can move across more than half the map when falling from the Battle Bus. Release your glider early to glide further and reach more distant landing spots.

3. Set aside an item slot for Medkits 

You have five item slots for your bag. Do you really need to carry five different guns? No, you don’t, and you should set aside one of your bag slots for healing items to enhance your survival chances. Then you’ll have something available to replenish your health with after eliminating hostiles.

The Medkit is one of the more preferable healing items as it will restore all of your green health, and you can carry three of them. Chug Splash is also a good healing item that can restore 20 health and shield. The Chug Splash is especially handy for when you get caught in the purple storm. Furthermore, you can carry up to six of them in one slot. So, stock up on Medkits or Chug Splashes in one or two of your item slots.

The Chug Splash

The Chug Splash

4. Max out your shield

Your shield is basically a second energy bar that you really should try to max out in every match. A full shield bar will always give you a better chance of surviving gunfights. So, make sure you pick up the Shield Potions and Chug Splashes to boost your shield with.

If you can’t find enough Shield Potions and Chug Splashes to max out your shield with, look for Slurp barrels that are scattered across the map at numerous locations. Hacking away at Slurp barrels will boost your shield. Slurpy Swamp is a pretty obvious place to find Slurp barrels. Alternatively, you can go into the light blue swamp there to boost your shield. So, that’s a good location to head to for a shield boost.

Slurp barrels

Slurp barrels

5. Don’t get too gung-ho

To maximize your survival chances, try to avoid dangerous situations as much as you can. You have a better statistical chance of surviving and winning a match by engaging enemies only when you must do so. So, don’t run into, or generate, dangerous situations when you don’t really need to.

For example, don’t run toward distant gunfire you hear on the map to take on some hostiles. Doing so might actually get you eliminated from a match. Instead, it’s often better to take the opposite approach and move away from areas of the map where you hear a lot of gunshots coming from. You’ll usually last longer by sticking around safer areas on the map where there aren’t many, if any hostiles, lurking.

You can often avoid confrontations by not firing at hostiles you spot in the distance. Don’t shoot at hostiles who are a long way from you unless you have a sniper rifle. Without a sniper rifle, it’s hard to eliminate hostiles from long distances due to the lack of scope attachments in Fortnite for other guns. Consequently, it’s often a waste of time opening fire on enemies from long distances as you’ll usually need to move closer after firing to eliminate them.

An assault rifle without scope

An assault rifle without scope

6. Steer clear of AI henchmen locations

Fortnite has included AI henchmen since season two. Those are henchmen that guard, or patrol, certain locations on the map. Although single henchmen aren’t that hard to kill, you might need to fight a few of them at some locations. Two, three, or four henchmen can be trickier to handle.

Furthermore, gunfights against henchmen will generate quite a bit of noise, which can give up your position on the map. When players hear all your shooting at henchmen, some will probably close in on you and open fire. Therefore, it’s better to steer clear of AI henchmen locations when you can do so.

Fortnite: Season 5 includes groups of IO Guards at certain locations (which spawn from cubes). Those are henchmen from the Imagined Order deployed to stop anyone from leaving the loop (a time loop). You can encounter those AI henchmen at Risky Reels, Rapid’s Rest, Hunter’s Haven, the Lazy Lake area around Misty Meadows, and other IO spawn locations on the map. If you see any IO Guards in the distance, or hear their distinctive music, move to another map location instead of attacking.

You’ll generally last longer in matches if you stick to the above Fortnite survival tips for playing it safe. The above tips will ultimately give you a better chance of winning Fortnite matches. 

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