Immortals Fenyx Rising - 5 essential beginners tips- title image

Immortals: Fenyx Rising – 5 Essential Beginners Tips

These five essential beginners tips will help you survive your first tentative steps onto Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Taking down an enemy like the dreaded titan Typhon will require focus, determination and a ton of unlocking. Follow these five tips and...

Wrestling With The Week An Interview with FunHaus' James Willems and AEW's Scorpio Sky

Wrestling With The Week: An Interview With FunHaus’ James Willems and AEW’s Scorpio Sky

On Monday, 18th January 2021, the worlds of gaming and wrestling collide in a brand new podcast! The founder of gaming media channel Funhaus, James Willems, joins forces with All Elite Wrestling superstar Scorpio Sky for the launch of Rooster Teeth’s...

6 Nintendo Switch Games We Hope To See in 2021

2020 was a good year for Nintendo Switch games, but what lies ahead in 2021? A few games have firm release dates earlier this year, but most known Switch titles simply have "2021" as a release window. After looking over everything that could come out...

atelier ryza 2 trophy and acheivements list

Atelier Ryza 2 Complete Trophy/Achievement List

The platinum trophy in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy looks ridiculously easy to earn. Make sure that you add this one to your digital bling collection by using this trophy and achievement guide to track exactly what you need to be d...

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Might Be Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Might Be Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year

Pokémon Centro, a community of Pokémon leakers, found leads that a remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl might be heading over to the Switch this year. With Pokémon celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, we might be in for a lot more announcemen...

Cyberpunk 2077 and The Illusion of Choice Cover

Cyberpunk 2077 and the Illusion of Choice

This is where Cyberpunk goes wrong and only occasionally gets right. Spoilers ahead! Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that you expect to give you meaningful choices, but the choices you are given are mostly illusions. Very rarely does a choice you make have ...

Returnal Just Got a New Gameplay Trailer on PS5

Returnal Just Got a New Gameplay Trailer on PS5

Released on the PlayStation Youtube channel, the new Returnal gameplay trailer highlights off the variety of combat options that will be available to players in Housemarque's newest release. Even better, the trailer also showed off some stunning new ...

You Can Now Play Axiom Verge Randomized on PC

Axiom Verge developer Tom Happ has announced via blog post that the PC versions of the game now support a Randomizer mode, the game's first free post-launch content update. The mode is still in active development, so some special steps are required t...

New Zombies Map Announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New Zombies Map Announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War's new Zombies map will be arriving early February. More details on 'Firebase Z' will be shared tomorrow. Treyarch is set to release the map earlier than expected after originally confirming that the map would come with Season 2. Tr...

Sunlight Review

Sunlight Review: The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Do you enjoy a quiet walk in the woods with only the companion of existential dread to keep you company? Have you ever actively thought about the presence of the skeleton inside your body? Do you like flowers? Then Sunlight is for you. From the maker...

Plabby Quest: The Crusades: Wars Never Looked So Cute

Plebby Quest: The Crusades Review: War Never Looked So Cute

Lead your country to greatness as you harness your strengths in Plebby Quest: The Crusades. War rages, but which nation will stand on top? This strategy game pits you against medieval nations during the crusades to determine who can conquer the map. ...

New Pokémon Snap Release Date Announced

New Pokémon Snap Release Date Announced

Nintendo has announced a release date for New Pokémon Snap, the upcoming successor to the N64 classic. After more than 20 years, fans can soon venture into the Lental region and photograph their favourite Pokémon to their hearts' content. Nintendo an...

Why More Developers Should Adopt the Nemesis System

Why More Developers Should Adopt the Nemesis System

Monolith Studio's nemesis system is a great idea that could improve almost any game. However, few other developers have even bothered to try it. This article will explain why more games should implement the nemesis system in their core gameplay. When...

Gaming News #135

Gaming News #135 – Outriders Delay, God of War Ragnarok PS4 Release, CD Projekt Red Investigation

Fresh news on the possible release of God of War Ragnarok on both the PS5 and PS4, CD Projekt Red under investigation by Poland's Office Of Competition And Consumer Protection, Outriders being delayed again, and much more. Gaming News #135 - Outrider...

Hogwarts Legacy delayed to 2022

Hogwarts Legacy Delayed To 2022

Hogwarts Legacy - the spin-off Harry Potter RPG which was originally due for release later this year will now get into the hands of fans in 2022. The game was first revealed at a PlayStation 5 reveal event in September 2020. Hogwarts Legacy will rele...

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gets Next-Gen Update

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gets Next-Gen Update

Respawn Entertainment's 2019 title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order receives a new update for the latest next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5. Boasting improved visuals and performance, this optimization patch helps make Fallen Order ...

Ubisoft Developing a Star Wars Game

Ubisoft Developing a Star Wars Game

Ubisoft is developing a Star Wars game under Ubisoft Massive, the team behind The Division. This follows the resurrection of Lucasfilm Games, which has already announced an Indiana Jones game to be developed by the minds behind Wolfenstein. More Star...

Hitman 3 - Trophies & achievements list - title image

Hitman 3 – Essential Trophies & Achievements List

This essential achievements list will help you dismantle the Providence organisation, one bullet at a time. Agent 47 returns to reap his revenge by doing what he does best, removing targets in every way, shape and form. Load up the Silverballer pisto...

5 Thought-Provoking Gaming YouTube Channels That Are Worth Your Time

5 Thought-Provoking Gaming YouTube Channels That Are Worth Your Time

YouTube is full of gaming videos, but what about the channels that dig a little deeper and show us how things work behind the scenes? Here are a few creators who aim to pull back the curtain and show us what makes our favourite games tick. There’s ce...

Indiana Jones Game Revealed and Will be Developed by Wolfenstein Studio

Indiana Jones Game Revealed and Will Be Developed by Wolfenstein Studio

MachineGames and Bethesda revealed an Indiana Jones game is in development with an "original story." We don't know what to expect, like if this will be a first-person experience like Wolfenstein or something entirely new from the studio. Today, Beth...

The Mandalorian: Pitching A AAA Game Adaptation

The Mandalorian: Pitching a AAA Game Adaptation

This is how different gameplay and story elements could make a Mandalorian game absolutely spectacular. It's a great TV show, and the Mandalorian would be even better as a video game. Hopefully, the right people come together behind the scenes to mak...

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Going Free-to-Play for a Week

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Going Free-to-Play for a Week

Black Ops Cold War Zombies will be free-to-play for a week. Sample the latest undead horde mode at no extra cost to celebrate 115 Day. Players can enjoy two modes on the map Die Maschine and PlayStation users can enjoy Zombies Onslaught. The Zombies ...

PS5 Release Window For Kena, Solar Ash, and Others, Revealed

PS5 Release Window For Kena, Solar Ash, and Others, Revealed

In a short video presented at CES 2021, Sony showed off a bunch of PS5 games coming to the console this year. This presentation included the release window for games like Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Stray, Solar Ash, and more, meaning fans can now mark ...

Forza Horizon 4 Series 31 Adds the Brand-New Chevy Stingray

Forza Horizon 4 Series 31 Adds the Brand-New Chevy Stingray

Playground Games continues to roll out updates for Forza Horizon 4. In Series 31, more iconic American muscles will be available through the Festival Playlist. Also, another fine-looking Honda for the players who love converting their classics into s...

Monster Hunter Rise First Impressions

Monster Hunter Rise is fast approaching, so how does it look? Well, it looks very good, with exciting new features and gorgeous visuals. With the addition of the Wirebug and Wyvern Riding, this could be the best installment in the series yet. Find ou...

Expectations vs. Reality: How Gamers Predicted the 2020 Game Awards

For those curious to know how players forecasted the 2020 Game Awards, we have all the data you need! From what gamers predicted was the most overrated 2020 Game of the Year candidate to the biggest snub, there's a lot of relevant info into the minds...

black ps5

Every Black PS5 Pre-Order Has Been Cancelled Following Threats to Staff Safety

A limited supply of PS5 consoles modelled after the PlayStation 2 sold out instantly. Sadly, all pre-orders of the black PS5 have since been cancelled due to the company receiving serious threats to the safety of their team members. Although not affi...

Charge Kid Review: Itty Bitty Boost Boy (Switch)

The brutal platforming renaissance is still going strong, and Charge Kid is a bite-sized game that finds joy in its own difficulty. As will be addressed in this review, players who like losing constantly will find this right up their alley. Over the ...

SuperMash Review The Classics Reborn (PC)

SuperMash Review: The Classics Reborn (PC)

Presenting SuperMash. The classics have gotten a facelift for 2021 in this medley inspired game. Create your own unique and randomized assortments in all your favourite genres, perfect for old and new gamers alike. I couldn't put this one down! Miss ...

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ZCREW Preview: Grinding Zombies

ZCREW Preview: Grinding Zombies

ZCREW is an isometric zombie shooter where players must fight to save the world after the spread of an alien virus. Its core gameplay is solid, and its visuals are good. However, i...

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