Epic Games Launches ‘Cabined’ Accounts

Epic Games is adding Cabined accounts to protect young gamers. These accounts disable certain features in Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys and bar access to many more starting December 7. Here is everything you need to know about Cabined accounts.

Epic Games launches Cabined accounts

Epic Games has introduced “Cabined Accounts” to protect kids under 13. This new update targets reducing the attacks young gamers face online. It started rolling out on December 7, 2022, and will work by blocking certain in-game features. This list includes chatting with other players or buying items with real money, to name a few. Cabined Accounts might be the first step towards the kid-focused metaverse Epic is building with Sony and Lego.

The feature will only work with Fortnite Chapter 4, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. Thus, young gamers with a Cabined account cannot access games not owned by Epic. 

According to a blog post, Epic will ask gamers to verify their age over the next few days. Gamers under the age of 13 have to ask for parental consent before proceeding, failing which the account will be ‘Cabined.’ Epic has notified that it will block in-game chat, purchases, activity-based recommendations, downloading non-Epic games, choosing custom display names, and more for underage players. Users can turn off the Cabined status by setting up Parental Controls via a guardian’s email ID. In addition, Epic will turn off the Cabined status once the gamer grows old enough.

Guardians will receive an email with links to review Epic’s privacy policies and set up parental controls. After checking the settings, parents will have to verify their adulthood via SuperAwesome. The account will no longer be Cabined once Parental Consent is configured successfully. Guided by parental controls, underage gamers can use Epic Games to its fullest.

Why Epic Games New "Cabined Accounts" Are Important

It is worth noting that Epic Games is not the first to introduce age verification into its games and services. Roblox, an online platform with several fun video games, requires teenagers to verify their age before playing. Furthermore, multiple social media platforms also have such features baked in.

Although the move has good intentions, many gamers argue it will push more unqualified users to lie about their age.

Source: Official blog post

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