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Who are we?

KeenGamer is a five-year-old gaming website with over fifteen thousand users reading our articles every day. We provide great and unique articles for fans of games no matter the genre or platform. At the same time, everyone can get involved either by joining our team or discussing games on our website.

Learn more in the About Us section.

What do we do?

We publish reviews, previews, gaming news, sweepstake giveaways, and podcasts as well as write a lot of guides and opinion pieces, hardware reviews, etc.

Why do we need you?

We are in constant search for writers to build a great team. We search for people who love everything around video games and would like to inform others about all the great news and events in the world. Our current team is working hard and is quite stable, but the internet and websites, in general, have no limits.

Who do we look for?

  • Passionate gamers with the ability to write decent articles, be it reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, or else
  • News & Guide writers for popular/competitive games

If you love video games and are good at writing thought-provoking articles, then this is the job for you. As mentioned above, we release a wide variety of article categories. We don’t want to limit you to only writing news or reviews. You can write any type of article about your favorite game(s).

What do we offer?

  • You earn money from the ads visible on your articles (details will be given later, but it’s more than the usual amount from other websites)
  • Bonuses for your successful articles
  • You get games for free (even AAA)
  • Experience and references for your CV. Our past staff members were able to get a job or an internship at EA, Blizzard, DualShockers, and other companies in the gaming industry!

How to apply?

If you like what you’ve read, then don’t hesitate to send us an email (linked below) with answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you experienced in writing?
  2. Send us at least three articles of your choice in a Word document or link to your recent works. We need to see if you can write well enough and would fit into our team. Check our articles to see the layout, structure, and how we do the job. Later, you will get prepared guides on our standards.
  3. Where are you from?
  4. What do you expect from KeenGamer?
  5. Other info you would like to tell us 🙂

We don’t guarantee an answer to your application if you don’t reply to the questions above and don’t send a sample of your work. We are likely to respond within one week.


Email: [email protected]

What our members say about KeenGamer

Did KeenGamer help me get more writing positions? 100% absolutely. By writing for KeenGamer consistently, I showed employers that there was a company willing to pay me for my writing. I’m a full-time content writer for Lionbridge AI (large translation and AI data company) in Tokyo. I also have contract positions writing for ZenMarket (Japan Shipping service) and Cangler (Data Analytics Company). 

Limarc Ambalina, Author at KeenGamer

I definitely think it helped me get a lot more experience with writing and learning WordPress. It’s a great first step towards the bigger game industry world and helped me land my job at Screenrant. Before that I just worked retail jobs and dreamed of getting something where I can write about games. The benefits for reviewers are great and the chance to gaming events is really cool!

Nate Bermundez, Contributor at KeenGamer

Since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I self-published my first book back in 2015, and I have four books out at the moment (currently working on my fifth one :smile:). KeenGamer has given me a lot of confidence in my writing. The support that I get from everyone here and the feedback has been incredibly helpful in building up my confidence, and that has helped me grow as a writer.

Jessica Boswell, Senior Author at KeenGamer

I write, host and edit a comedy youtube show about video games. Having a deeper, more varied, and up-to-date knowledge of the gaming industry is a key attribute for someone putting themselves in a public space open to criticism. Working with KeenGamer helps me be aware of movements in the gaming industry that I may otherwise not see, and I’ll occasionally cite KeenGamer as a source in a video.

Joshua Comire, Contributor at KeenGamer

Writing for Keengamer and getting feedback from both readers and other writers helped me to better understand how to approach games and related topics objectively, along with how best to structure and approach content creation, not just in the written medium, but also in terms of video and audio. Writing for Keen also helped me to get a better grasp on the importance of SEO and how to cater content to a specific audience. 

Theo Crowshaw, Contributor at KeenGamer

Getting the position at KeenGamer gave me such a boost of confidence, and as I look back over the last ten months since starting, my work here has improved me as a person. We have such a talented team of writers, all of whom have been fountains of advice. To be able to share my work with hundreds of thousands of people around the world and make some money out of it is a fantastic opportunity for budding writers. I’ve now published over 100 articles and been read by over 100,000 people. My current goals are to continue creating engaging, informative and entertaining content. I love what I do, and the only way from here is up. 

Conor Mitchell, Senior Author at KeenGamer

…writing for the site had helped hone my craft in my day job a bit as well and helped me get an interview for other games based jobs… 

Ben Williams, Author at KeenGamer