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Fortnite: Teams of 20 Mode Review and Tips for Victory

Playing Fortnite: Battle Royale's new Teams of 20 mode is a simple and easy way to rack up the kills and add some more Victory Royales to your profile, as well as up your K/D ratio. However, there are some basic tips to follow and points to be aware of to secure your victory. If you want to win, here's how...

The new Teams of 20 mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale has some players baffled, some shaking their heads in disappointment and others flocking to it again and again. Sometimes the game is hit or miss depending on the teammates you get grouped with. Remember, there are some people in Fortnite who still either don’t know how or don’t bother to check the map. If you’re matched with such players your team won’t drop in the same place which is essential to winning in Teams of 20. 

What’s Good?

More Teammates – The Teams of 20 mode is great for beginner players new to the game. The more amount of teammates watching your back, the higher your chances of survival even if you’re so new that you don’t know how to build stairs. 


More Action – If you thought encountering two squads of 4 at the same time was a bloodbath, imagine what it’s like encountering a squad of 15-20 players head-on. Thus, if your aim is decent, even one squad encounter can bring your kill numbers to double digits. 

What’s Bad?

More Teammates – Yes, more teammates can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to loot. Even a squad of 4 can leave a drop zone like Salty Springs with nothing but green and common weapons if the chest loot doesn’t pay out. Imagine how slim your pickings will be with a squad of 20 landing in the same area.


Tiny Ally Indicators – In Teams of 20, you are still grouped in a squad of 4, with whom you can communicate in game chat as well as see gamer tags easily in-game. With your individual squad of 4, you can monitor their shield and health levels, as well as share items easily.

However, allies in your Team of 20, outside of your squad of 4, are indicated only by a tiny, tiny green arrow marker about a 4th the size of their head. Close-up, the indicator is almost impossible to see, resulting in shots going off when players think they’ve encountered an enemy when it’s really their own teammate.


No Communication Ability – Unfortunately, outside of your squad of 4, in-game chat is unavailable. There is no way to tell if your teammate is downed unless you literally see them crawling on the floor.

Thus, if the rest of your SQUAD mates are out of the game, the only way to get revived is to crawl to a teammate and hope they notice you on the floor. The lack of communication ability and ability to see health levels makes sharing resources very tricky and almost impossible.

Tips for Victory

On the plus side, if you have teammates with half a brain, victory in Teams of 20 is rather easy. All you have to do is follow these tips.

Land Together

In squads, a really seasoned player can take on a squad of 4 amateurs on their own. Many streamers play solo vs. squads and do this regularly. However, in Teams of 20 it doesn’t matter how good you are, or how well you aim. If you encounter a squad of even 10-15 people on your own and they notice you, you may get a kill or 2, but you won’t survive. Thus, landing together is the most important factor of winning in Teams of 20. Often, the squads that land together and stay together will end up winning the game.

Stay Together

Landing together is half the battle. Staying together is the harder part because there is no way to communicate with teammates outside of your squad, aside from putting markers on the map. Therefore, if you see a group of you team heading in a certain direction, place your way point on the map in the direction you seem them going and follow them. Hopefully, the rest of the team follows.

Try Sharing Resources

Even though you don’t know what weapons other teammates may have or how high or low their health and shields are, if you have extras, try running in front of teammates and dropping them to see if they will pick them up. If they do, it’s likely they needed it and you will increase your team’s chances of victory.

Try Landing Far From Action

Unlike in Squads, landing farther away from action and staying farther away from action increases chances of victory, regardless of amounts of loot. A team of 20 players all with common and green weapons will still defeat a team of 8 players with blue and purple weapons in the end-game. Therefore, it’s best to land in the farther corners of the map like: Pleasant Park or Lucky Landing and work your way into the circle as the bubble closes in.

That’s all for our quick review and guide of Teams of 20 in Epic Games’ newest mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Disagree with our review? Have some of your own tips for victory? Please let us know in the comments below! As always, game on and don’t be a SCAR-stealer.

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