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Overwatch’s Mercy gets a tweak to her Halloween skin

A recently requested change from the Overwatch community regarding a change to a voice line from Mercy's Halloween skin has been acknowledged and will be changed soon.

Overwatch's Mercy gets a tweak to her Halloween skin
With Overwatch's recent Halloween event, many cool skins, emotes, victory poses, and a unique brawl were added to the game for players to enjoy. One of these unique skins is a witch costume for Mercy, giving her a new impression as a spooky mistress manipulating the souls of her allies how she sees fit.

Bearing this in mind, the community was getting caught up in a detail about her Halloween skin; it did not feature the same voice lines as her appearance in the Halloween brawl. To this end, the community reached out to Blizzard on their forums begging the company to change the voice line from "Heroes never die." to her Halloween voice line, "My servants never die."

This post quickly gained traction and was getting a lot of comments and upvotes from users who agree with the change. Today, Jeff Kaplan, the game director for Overwatch, replied with two simple phrases:

"ETA mid-Nov."

That was all he wrote, but it has the community excitedly waiting for the eventual update, even if it is just a small detail.

Speaking of changes, this week did host a few balance changes to Widow Maker, Ana, and Junkrat, with some general updates and bug fixes, which can be viewed on their patch notes.

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