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Lumerico Website under attack, Reddit goes crazy.

As the Halloween event comes to a close, it has been hypothesised that now is the time for Sombra to act. It seems that is now true, as the Lumerico website comes under attack, Reddit users have their pictures changed to a Sombra skull, and a certain mod has made a very cryptic post. The Overwatch reddit has blown up at these revelations. Is Sombra's time finally upon us?

Lumerico Website under attack, Reddit goes crazy.
Just hours after official artwork for Sombra leaks onto the official Blizzard website, it seems the mysterious hacker has decided to exact her revenge onto Lumerico on the precise date their largest reactor comes online.

For those that aren't aware, Lumerico is the company that owns the massive power plant in the Dorado map, a place which Sombra has deep ties with. Lumerico have a pledge for "Clean energy for all of Mexico", but it seems they have other nefarious objectives. Therefore, it is in Sombra's interest to stop the Lumerico corporation from influencing the Mexican government and damaging her hometown of Dorado.

Just over an hour ago, a inconspicuous Overwatch Reddit moderator's account posted a link to the Lumerico website with the caption "Energía limpia para todo México. :)", which translates to "Clean energy for all of Mexico". Shortly after this, another moderator post was made announcing that the Lumerico site was under attack.

Upon checking at the time the post was made, the Lumerico site was returning a 504 error, indicating that the website could not be reached. The Sombra ARG Discord was also down, and users of the Overwatch Reddit had their user pictures replaced with a skull that has been long associated with the mysterious hacker.

However, at the time of writing, the Lumerico website has returned to normal operation with seemingly no change. The Discord channel is back up, however, users of the Overwatch Reddit still have their user images showing as Sombra skulls.

It is still to be seen if something comes of this Lumerico attack after the end of the Halloween event. The event is scheduled to end at 4pm PDT time which, at the time of writing, is just over 4 hours away. Perhaps when that has finished we may finally see the conclusion of the Sombra ARG.

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