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Overwatch – new game no. 1 from Blizzard?

Overwatch - new game no. 1 from Blizzard?

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Blizzard has announced a new team-based FPS multiplayer shooter. If you take a look at the trailes it looks like a mixture of Team Fortress 2, Firefall, Quake, PlanetSide 2 and other games. There are many sci-fi and fantasy playable characters fighting in a cartoonish world using many different skills. We guess that there will be many characters at launch (at least 12) and more to come later. And we think that F2P model with unlockable skins, skills leveling up or at least learning by playing would be the best option here. We will see but this game seems like present number 1 in development for Blizzard.

Overwatch Gameplay Trailer

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

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