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Overwatch 2 Developer Livestream Announced

Aaron Keller has announced an Overwatch 2 Livestream where he will be joined by Soe Gschwind and members of the development team to discuss the upcoming beta for the long-awaited sequel. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming stream.

Overwatch 2 Developer Livestream Announced

After the recent revelation of the Overwatch 2 beta, the developers of the game have announced an Overwatch 2 Livestream. During this stream on Friday, March 18th at 12 PDT, team leader Aaron Keller will be discussing early alpha impressions of the long-awaited sequel. He will be joined by Soe Gschwind and other members of the dev team.

We’re in that homestretch now. We’re so close to seeing players get their hands on the game in late April. Then in May, we’ll be watching the professionals playing official matches for the first time on the sequel. In this Overwatch 2 Livestream, however, we’ll also be hearing about goals for the first closed beta. At this point, the community will take any information available.

It’s been a long time without any real content for the base game. It’s also been a long time without any communication regarding the sequel and its development. So far, Aaron Keller seems to be keeping his promise to communicate more effectively with the community. The future of Overwatch 2 seems very bright right now, but we’ll just have to see what’s around the corner.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming beta? Are you looking forward to finally getting your hands on the game after all this time? Don’t forget to check out the Overwatch 2 Livestream on Twitch at the time specified above!

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