Overwatch 2 Sojourn Gameplay Livestream Announced

New hero alert! Get ready for some Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay coming very soon via a developer stream. From a gameplay trailer to a community Q&A about the long-awaited sequel, here's everything you need to know about this new hero and what we can expect from the Livestream itself.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Gameplay Livestream Announced

On Thursday, April 14th Overwatch 2 will show off Sojourn gameplay. In the form of a brand new gameplay trailer, we will finally get to see, after two years, the franchise’s newest playable character. The Overwatch Team teased Sojourn as far back as BlizzCon 2019. Ever since then, it’s been known that Sojourn was to become a new hero. Finally, we’ll get to see her new abilities and weapons in action.

As announced on the game’s official Twitter account, we’ll be seeing this debut in another developer live stream. The team seem to enjoy this method of communication, having done a few of these before. The most recent of these was the Beta Livestream. Similarly to that one, it will include a Q&A section. Not before we get to see the official Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay trailer, though. This will show off her abilities and give us a small peek at her personality.

Just yesterday, we got to see the release of Sojourn’s origin story trailer. She has been an important asset to Overwatch as a whole in the lore, fighting alongside Jack Morrison (Soldier 76), the organisation’s previous leader. It will be very interesting to see how she shakes up the meta and how she impacts the game as a whole. In the hands of the pro players, any character that requires a precise aim to eliminate targets quickly can be pretty ruthless.

Are you excited to see some Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay? It has been years since the last hero reveal, which was Echo in 2020. Hopefully, we’ll start to see the hype for the sequel build-up on the path to the beta and the game’s eventual release.

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