Overwatch 2 Will Feature Cross-Progression

Overwatch 2 is finally getting cross progression, a long-awaited feature announced to be coming long ago. Merge your accounts today in preparation for the launch of Overwatch 2, then you'll be able to hit the ground running with all of your progress on one account.

Overwatch 2 Will Feature Cross-Progression

After a long wait, we have confirmation that Overwatch 2 will feature Cross Progression. As of today, players that log in will be prompted to merge their Battle Net accounts with any potential console accounts. What this will do is bring all of your cosmetics, stats, presets and ranks to one account. However, this merge will not actually happen until the launch of the sequel.

For PC players, this merge will simply take your console cosmetics and allow you to use any that you have purchased. As for your statistics, rank and presets, they’ll be split by input – console or PC. You don’t have to worry about your console rank and PC ranks merging, this is not the case. We don’t know much about how ranked will work in terms of Overwatch 2 cross progression, so that is something we’ll have to wait to hear about.

For console players, you’ll receive all cosmetics from other console or PC accounts. You’ll also have the highest SR, statistics and such take the stage, so your peak console performance will still be displayed. Console-specific achievements, however, will remain on individual platforms. Endorsements level will be merged across console and PC.

Once you’ve merged, you’ll be ready to dive into Overwatch 2, losing no progress from any of your endeavours. As early as cross-play was announced, the Overwatch 2 cross progression feature was briefly mentioned, but never further discussed. Now, it is finally here. Blizzard also has a Q&A section on its website regarding this subject as there are a lot of technicalities.

SOURCE: Official Blizzard Website

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