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Overwatch – Hero Preview video for Orisa released

What happens if you mix Reinhardt's shield, Zarya's Graviton charge, and Mercy's damage boost? Orisa happens! The Overwatch development team has decided to tease us with the Hero Preview videos just like their colleagues at the Heroes of the Storm team do. And the first such video is about Orisa!

Overwatch - Hero Preview video for Orisa released
New Omnic is going to be added to the game later this month. Following their awesome tradition (take the best practices from other development teams at Blizzard), the guys at Overwatch development team decided to start making the Hero Preview videos. The first "victim" of this idea is going to be an Omnic designed by an 11-year old girl from Numbani!

The 3-minute video below highlights the creative process that the development team undergoes while creating a character. You can see them prototyping new hero using the already existing assets, trying to figure out the animation and looks, and sharing the ideas that inspired the to create the archetype of Orisa.

The Hero Preview video for Orisa:

New Hero Preview: Orisa | Overwatch

This is not the only video devoted to the upcoming Overwatch hero. Blizzard has been hyping the things up for quite a while now. There's also a 12-minute developer update that has Orisa as its main topic:

Developer Update | Introducing Orisa (EU)

Lastly, there's a story video about new Omnic. It explains how a Numbani girl came up with the idea of creating Orisa. The Orisa Origin Story video:

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rel="noopener noreferrer" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/HkKNEGiWpeI?ecver=1" target="_blank">his pun in one of the developer updates and the other time he expressed how he feels about these videos in Reddit AMA.

So without further ado, this is your "Behind the Scenes Orisa development video":

Jeff Kaplan: Orisa development and Bastion changes