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Overwatch Was Twitch’s Most Watched 2016 Game

New Twitch infographics released today not only reveal Overwatch as 2016's most watched game on the platform, but information on money raised for charity as well.

Overwatch Was Twitch's Most Watched 2016 Game
Twitch published some new infographics regarding its platform today, revealing Overwatch to be its most watched game of 2016, along with a bevvy of other facts.

Ending the year with 2.2 million unique streamers, who in total sent 14.2 billion chat messages to each other, the most popular emote used was Kappa, which was displayed 413 million times.

Stats regarding the amount of money the streaming site made for charity were revealed as well and can be found in the chart below. An impressive $25.3 million was raised for causes and of this, $9 million was raised by Extra Life, $2.6 million from the Yogcast Jingle Jam, and $2.5 million from Games Done Quick.

Twitch 2016 Charity Statistics
The stats mark an impressive feat no matter the industry under consideration, so kudos to all that participated.

Though the infographics don't divulge information on Twitch's total audience and Twitch Prime subscriptions, they prove a colorful and interactive look into the psychographics of the platform.

What do you think of the numbers, or lack thereof? Let us know in the comments below!

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