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Overwatch Season 36, The Final Competitive Season, Begins Soon

Season 36 will be Overwatch's final competitive season. It's a hard pill to swallow after all these years of playing an ever-evolving FPS game, but now we're at the final stretch, and the next chapter is upon us. Here's all you need to know about this final season.

Overwatch Season 36, The Final Competitive Season, Begins Soon

At this point, it’s no secret that Overwatch 2 is replacing the game we know and love today. As of October 4th 2022, the current game will cease to exist as its sequel will replace it. That means that Thursday, September 1st 2022 is the start date of Overwatch Season 36, the final competitive season.

Now, Competitive Mode will be returning reworked in Overwatch 2, but it will not be anywhere near identical to the one we have now. Sporting a 5v5 team format, new game modes, maps and heroes, it’ll feel like a new PvP experience. It may even be called ‘Ranked’, as the ‘Unranked’ game mode from the beta implies. It’ll be interesting to see what the rewards will be in Overwatch season 36 rewards. Usually, a map’s setting or a character’s weapon is used for both the normal reward spray and the top 500 reward spray. So who will represent the final competitive spray?

As confirmed by community manager Craig on the game’s official forum, Season 36 really is Overwatch‘s final competitive season. So, make sure to make the most of it. If you haven’t bought Blizzard’s futuristic FPS already, I actually recommend you wait a month. It’ll be a free game, then. Unless, of course, you really want to experience the game in its ‘classic’ state.

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SOURCE: Overwatch Official Forum

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